Day 133: Simples

Mondays are whizzing by. I jiggled around on the scales until they read the same as last week. I seem to have lost focus. And as I sit here having a biscuit on the first day of my new 'healthy eating and exercise regime', I wonder why. Let me remind myself what is at stake. As it currently stands, if this was April fourteenth next year, I would have to go into my bank account and divvy up twenty five hundred dollars this way: two hundred for me (yay); and four hundred and sixty dollars each to the following five corporations—the Collingwood Football club (un-Australian not to hate them if you don't support them), the vile and despicable builders of the house next door to us; a puppy farm (it would literally kill me if I had to hand over money to these monsters—why can't I remember that when a biscuit seems like the only thing between me and instant death); and two other companies that, despite a lot of thinking and a lot of trawling, I can't muster up enough hate for at this stage. (Suggestions taken.) I am supposed to be on this new twelve week challenge. I am feeling flat. I want to make some commitments. I do. So what is holding me back? Just the eternal misery I associate with a diet that doesn't include the things I love to eat. So I am saying this, once again, right here, and you are my witness. I am committing, over the next twelve weeks, to three things. I will stick to the twelve hundred calorie days (may not be as exact as the program due to space restrictions and feeding only one person, but I will choose some meals and repeat them rather than following exactly). I will give up the sugar in my coffee except for my late night one (don't even go there people, yes, I will have a two sugar coffee just before bed or people will get hurt—emotionally). And I will diarise things like shopping and exercising so that they get done. Starting with a diary entry here to go out and get a diary tomorrow. To this, I commit! (Eek, tears)

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Is an advertisment that you simply adore any guarantee of the success of the message the advertiser was trying to convey? I heart, big time, the Compare the Meerkat ad for Compare the Market. But I am wholly unconvinced of its ability to get me to use the company for car insurance. Mainly because I don't have a car. But I am quite hypnotisable and susceptible to advertising, I believe, and so the right ad may overcome that little hurdle. If, however, I ever needed to compare meerkats, there is only one place I would go. Simples, *tchlic*. I have just realised that Aleksandr Orlov, the star of this ad, has had numerous gigs in entertainment circles and even has a book for sale on Amazon about his family history. There I was thinking he was a fictional character. I am obviously the simples one!

The Outfit
Orange (on the decidedly pink side of,)Dress: Op-shopped
Coat: Op-shopped
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Ah, diets and restrictions and food rules, they are the curse of modern culture. I feel your painz. Love the orange/pink dress, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. Cookies should just be illegal. I think it is much worse knowing that you have decided to go on a strict diet. As soon as I mention that to my body my brain instantly is evaluating how to stuff myself until the deadline begins or how to find a way, anyway around the whole darn thing.

    I think the once or twice in my life that I have actually said the words "diet" to myself I think I gained 5 lbs. No joke. The whole idea works against me.

    I love the pink/orange and red.


    1. Me too! Denial is the thing that makes me want stuff more than anything else!

  3. I too am trying to make a weight change. Rather than eat like I am dieting I am trying to evaluate my lifestyle and make small changes week by week. I have been doing this since Oct. I have lost 13 lbs but I believe the weight will continue to drop because so far I am able to sustain the changes. Maybe this way of looking at it will help you. I like the dress and coat shoes are to die for. Keep your spirits up.

    1. Good on you!! It is really the way to do it. I just have to make the time to make healthy food and slowly that will make all the difference. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your Diary has arrived, outside your front Door. XOX

  5. I feel your dietary pain! I'm on a 1200 calorie plan myself and am maintaining but not losing. I exercise, too, but my Cerebral Palsy makes it difficult to burn a lot of calories. I'd be happy to be your diet buddy if you need one. PS - I'm in love with those shoes! ;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

    1. Thanks so much!! I rabbit on about my diet every monday - join me to let me know how you are going!!


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