Day 146: Exuberance is Beauty—William Blake, Poet

Most eyelashes are better than mine. I'm okay with it. That is just the way it is. I envy amazing ones; I'm only human. I got extentions once—in Mexico City; I don't think they were the best and I really should try it here at home (although I know it will cost a whole lot more). Three times (last week) I wore falsies. One day in particular I wore them for about twelve hours and they made me want to rub my eyelids off. But today I saw what is arguably the best set of eyelashes I have ever seen in my entire life. Ever. On a secretary bird (Sagittarius Serpentarius). Have a look here—sensational. And here. And that hair-do is quite enviable too. Before today I had never heard of a secretary bird. They're bizarre. Basically a bird-of-prey on stilts. And their weapon of choice is a fast and furious stomping motion. Until you are dead beyond a doubt. And then a couple of more stomps. When you see this in action (it would be on You-Tube somewhere) it is hard to discern if it is cleverness or extreme paranoia. And then it looks at you with those lashes and how could you ever think it was a complete nutter? Eyelashes have a powerful effect. I really do need to get some.

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I'm happy to soon be giving up Lookbook (I think I'll just not bother after I get back from my hols—I am not willing to put in whatever it must take to be one of the 'seen' people). I am going to go back to Pinterest—more variety. But I do see one item of clothing on Lookbook all the time. It makes me wonder what is so special about it that lots and lots and lots of people are happy to be seen in the same thing as lots and lots and lots of other people. I know that it's a manufacturer's dream, and arguably the 'point' of fashion, but isn't there a fine line between fashion and individuality that, I was sort of under the impression, people (especially those who blog/post/pin their OOTD's*) don't really want to cross. I must be wrong. The item is the Zara Asymmetric Skort. Um, yep. It's okay, but why is it so popular? The only other things I see with any regularity are the Celine, Paris t-shirt (and, I see, it costs forty dollars! Do people actually pay forty dollars for a t-shirt?) and the Moschino belt (and two ninety-five for a belt!? My fascist neighbours in their two-hundred and eighty grand cars and their tasteless house probably would). Both are also items of considerable blah-ness (sorry to anyone who doesn't think so, but, hey, my blog, my opinion—you can give yours in the comments.) Maybe it is just that they are distict. They stand out and so seem prolific. But you can stand out without wearing the same thing as everyone else. The one good thing about Lookbook is finding a couple of people who do just that. I'll be taking their links with me when I leave. Have a squizz: Pandora; the amazing Macademian Girl; Voila Meghan; Nora, the molecular biologist; and; the inspiring Girl with the Flower. Ooh, I just had my first 'High Five'.

* This, surprisingly, took me a long time to work out: Outfit Of The Day.

The Outfit
Sailor's Shirt: Op-shopped
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Shoes: Op-shopped (a big thing for me: thrifted shoes usually feeak-me-out!)

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. I couldn't agree more with one item becoming the "it" item on Lookbook or on many-a-blog.

    That skort is fugly.

    I get turned off by a piece if I see around too much. Who wants to dress like everyone else? We might as well all be wearing uniforms.

    Thanks for that one link...Voila...Love it!



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