Day 122: They Have Their Exits and Their Entrances

Do you think that there are things you should only wear in winter or summer or spring? Do you have funny feelings about wearing items that are 'seasonally different' together? Like long sleeve dresses and open toed shoes. Or, sundresses and woollen capes. Do you have colours that you won't wear together? White and cream. Black and navy. Brown and orange. Fashion has quite a few arbitrary rules. Confidence can sometimes overide them. We worry so much about what other people think of how we look, but, judging by how often I worry about how other people look (rarely, except when it is comedic to me and a small gathering in my lounge room), most people don't really give a small rat's clacker. Sometimes I think that the only difference between looking good and not looking good is believing you look good. And if you don't feel confident, pretend you do. It's all acting; all the world is, after all, a stage. Ham it up!

I wonder if Irene's parents named her after Irene Adler. We've been watching Cumberbatch's Sherlock this evening. The best Sherlock. I really should read the book one of these days so that I can be more acutely aware of the literary references. I am, from doing a little research about Irene (Adler), amazed at the quite literal adaptation the episode 'A Scandal in Belgravia' is. I am a little literarily ashamed actually. But it did strike me as out of place the other day when Elementary's Sherlock was talking about his 'Irene Adler'. Beside Irene (mine), and despite a seemingly current penchant for older style baby's names, I don't know anyone under eighty who is actually called Irene (anyone). It seems a name not much in use any more. Now it makes perfect sense. Irene (mine), you should be proud to be attributed to Conan's Irene (Adler)—beautiful, intelligent and no easy knock-down for Sherlock Holmes.

Irene               List_Addict

ACMI in Melbourne are trying to tempt me from my couch this winter (damn them) with a Program of Events around their latest exhibition: Hollywood Costume. I read the newly acquired schedule too late for this evening's event unfortunately. Although my intent to go to something outside my house always seems more believable after the fact than before. Tonight they had 'Bond, Shaken not Stirred': 'music, conversation and pop-up workshops with a distictly 007 flavour as [they] focus on the impeccable style of the legendary spy'. I am imagining workshops in shaking martinis, tying windsor knots, selecting a Saville Row suit for Antipodean Summer 2013, and perfect pick-up lines. And wouldn't these be perfect places to take my outfits out for a spin, perfect places for me to fake my confidence. Other events I will think long and hard about attending (and try to make very valid and engaging excuses for not attending) are a discussion about the intertwined worlds of Costume and Fashion (regulars will have heard me waxing about this topic before), the workshop where you make your own superhero costume (what do you mean it is only for kids), and, the workshop for capturing 'street-seen' fashion through photography (Bill Cunningham, The Sartorialist, three million bloggers). Anyone interested in joining me—it will make it much harder for me to pike out.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped, worn before
Skirt: Op-shopped, worn before
Belt: Cannot rightly recall
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Beautiful and Intelligent? That describes you List Addict.

    1. Have I told you lately that you're biased, have I told you there is no one above you! Xxx

  2. I love this outfit. Also I do believe that confidence is 80% of of how we look.


    1. Thanks so much. It was a fun outfit until my boy tried to get me to stand on a rickety wall in those shoes 'for a good shot' and I turned terrified!! They're quite high when you are balanced on a little beam.

  3. Visiting and now following via GFC.

    I invite you over to my Bloglovin Blog Hop!

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    Take care,
    Happy Kids, Inc

    1. Thanks so much for coming over. Welcome and it is lovely to have you!!!

  4. I'd always assumed you named Irene. Is this not the case? I think we need a bio post about your co-star.

    I'd also assumed that the Americans made up Irene in Elementary. I could cope with this. I'm not coping with the thought that they are yet again taking elements of the books and mucking around with them. Everyone knows that Sherlock Holmes was a mysoginistic, anti-social drug addict to the point that people have asserted he was gay (and the reason why he is gay in the new English version). How annoying to learn that they have just normalised yet another aspect of his character. Any episode now he will be shown up for being not very smart, although arguably they are doing that already too.

    1. She just seemed like an Irene. But I agree about a bio one of these days when I am feeling creative.

      And sorry to disappoint, but even the name of the episode is a direct reference (A Scandal in Bohemia/A Scandal in Belgravia). And in both she is a 'courtesan' of sorts and in both she has links to royalty and in both she has photos which could cause a scandal-it is incredibly literal! It is a travesty!! But we keep watching don't we. But just to see what a travesty it is. Yeah.

      PS so well done re the house!!!!!!!!!!

  5. P.S. would love to come along to ACMI but am still deeply in oh-my-God-I-just-bought-a-house-I-can-never-spend-money-again mode. But at least you can relax and stay on your couch piking.

  6. Thanks so much for linking up on Friday and I'm so glad to have "met" you!


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