Day 147: They're Listening ...

My Blogger account won't let me into itself on one of the computers at work. My partly paranoid mind thinks that is because I stated on here the other day that I had started reading a book called Play to Kill. That book is about hackers. You see where I am going? They think I am in cahoots. They think I am a hacker. They have no idea that I have no idea what I am doing on a computer—which is probably why I can't make the other computer work. Let me really jeopardise all my computer access opportunities by saying I always did wish I could be a covert operative. For the other side. A good other side. Like the French Foreign Legion perhaps. If you are a covert operative for the same side it seems too much like spying. And plus, here in Oz, it means you have to live in Canberra. And Canberra is a too cold, too hot, hole in the ground, too far from the sea. Is that too harsh? And now I see on the news that the building plans for the corporation of covert operative's new headquarters in Oz (I'm not going to say the name in order to minimise red-flags—I wonder if 'red-flags' is a red-flag?) have been compromised. I reckon my access to the other work computer will be gone by midday.

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In two days I will be going to Thailand. Everyday I will blog about the cocktails I drank, the massages I endured (love a crazy, stretchy, bendy Thai massage) and the books I read. It will be very, very boring. If you would prefer to read about exotic travels and hair-raising adventures and the dogged determination of bad weather to get in the way. Or to learn about the history and culture and people, and lots and lots and lots about food, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and F.Y.R.O Macedonia. Then I cannot recommend highly enough the witty, entertaining and insightful blog that belongs to my best buddy and errant (or just downright AWOL) photographer B——. Check it out here. And you can subscribe for updates. You'll be glad you did.

The Outfit
Under Dress: Op-shopped
Over Dress: Op-shopped
Shrug: Op-shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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