Day 138: What The Fashion Serious Can Learn From The Fashion Frivilous—Eurovision Day 2

Oh my. I think I have realised, by my photos rather than a major improvement in old-style Eurovision (there was a minor improvement, let me pre-empt), that what I really like is camp. I mean I have known that for a while, but todays's shoot is, let's face it, allowing me to channel my inner drag queen. I look odd in make up. Maybe it's because I never wear it and I am not really that good at putting it on. My boy was staring at me in an strange way. He seemed mesmerised. Maybe it was just shock misinterpreted.

List_Addict               Irene

Day two of Eurovision was a little more exciting although suits, casual hipster apocalypse and restraint were in the majority again. Some suits were a bit more sparkly; some acts dared the double denim; the alleged 'best dress of the night' was a slightly sculptural bandage dress in cream. On the plus side, the F.Y.R of Macedonia brought their babooshka, swathed in meters and meters of red fabric, which was exciting--like the embodiment of the Macedonian sun. Finland did a melange of manga and Vegas with lots of hot pink and a wedding dress. Greece had suits of a sort—kilted tuxedos (way cooler). But the finale was a tribute to how it should be done with Romania's entrant, a high-range male (not sure what his technical range was: contralto, soprano?) in a Phantom of the Opera-esque, heavily beaded dress. Ultimately, and because tomorrow will just be the winners of the last two nights playing again in their same outfits, I am going to have to call the best dressed person of Eurovision 2013 [drumroll], the hostess, Petra Mede (all her dresses are Gaultiers—that helps). And what can we learn. Maybe that despite it risking you looking like a drag queen, dressing uniquely rather than to please the 'buying' and 'ordinary' audience actually gives people something so much more to look forward to and enjoy. You dress for yourself in the end, but I wonder if this is really what happened this year. In other years it always looked like people were having more fun. Eurovision critic, out.

P.S.: I am having my biggest number of visits in a day today. May be to do with a referring site that I have just noticed in the list that apparently (I didn't try it, just Googled who they are) links back to a porn site. Oh, great. Knew yesterday's outfit was a bit risqué. Maybe it's the eyelashes. Mmmm, was that why my boy was looking at me funny?

The Outfit
Corset: Target
Bed Jacket: Op-shopped
Culottes: Op-shopped (Could have done with an iron)
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Oh wow I really need your shoe colletion...

    Great outfit,love how you have styled this :)

    I really need this rain to stop so I can wear my white trousers :)

    Thanks for linking up to share your style Saturdays

  2. Need close up of the make-up please


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