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Day 181: Fiadone Corse (Corsican Cheese Cake)

Riding along in the Sunday Social pelaton today:

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?
A: Don't tell anyone, because I am slightly embarrassed. I love The American President. There is something so cheesy about it. Half the dialogue is on automatic in my brain. I say the final speech on long walks sometimes. However, if I were to be more culturally responsible I would put down a few more significant options: The Shawshank Redemption, Strictly Ballroom, Harold and Maude, Fight Club, The Princess Bride, Kill Bill Vol I and II, Memento, Moonlighting, The Usual Suspects, Fargo and Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.

Q: What is your favorite movie quote?
A: For pure pleasure of repeating it in a funny voice: 'I'll never tell' (said with vibrato).

Q: What is the best movie to watch for a girls night in?
A: For laughs and some very clever inside jokes, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. For eye-candy: Anything with [insert male or female actor who you think is…

Day 180: Corsican Crayfish With Linguini

Let's talk bicycles. And let's talk them over the next three weeks. Bicycles and teams and jerseys (especially the white one with pink spots, love the mountains), bicycles and scenery and strategy and controversy, bicycles and allegations and British accents, bicycles and foreign names that roll like haikus off the tongue. Let's talk the Tour de France. And not just any Tour de France. This year is the one hundredth anniversary of the best race on the planet. I am not a sport fan. At all. Ever. I can't understand the point most of the time. What is exciting about a ball game where you can't use your hands? Why on earth make a rule where you can't throw the ball forwards? Cricket? Just why? Same with golf. I have a small number of sports that I do like to watch: ice skating, roller derby, diving, gymnastics and that one where they madly sweep the ice in front of a heavy bottomed pot (it looks like a fun way to do household chores and entertains me for at least s…

Day 179: I Want My Blanket!

Twice in my life I have gone to Brad Pitt movies with very little idea of what the film would be about and twice I have been blown away. I think Brad Pitt may be under-rated. The first was Fight Club. The second was the movie we saw last night on our date-night (aka any excuse to go to Gold Class), World War Z. The boy had made the suggestion. I think I had seen either a still or a half second of preview for it and figured it was shoot-em-up, loud and action-y. The boy likes that sort of thing so I said yes, okay. I am pretty happy to watch anything in a recliner with a blanky, while people bring me food and drinks. Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don't want to know anything at all about the movie. I won't be giving away too much plot wise, but just in case you want to know nothing. Firstly, I had no idea it was about zombies. We start a little casual pancake-ing for breakfast and a traffic jam with I-spy on the way to what I imagine is work and school, and then BAN…

Day 178: A Cup Of Ambition

We had a 'date-night' tonight. Photos are shot in the stairwell at the Casino on the way to Gold Class movies. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. In the mean time though, it's Meet Me At Mikes inspired list time again. This week I'm telling you about the jobs I have had in this little life. Here goes:

Irene               List_Addict
On the tick of turning fourteen and nine months, my Dad organised me a job as a checkout chick at Coles. Put it this way, when I started there it was still called Coles New World, it closed at midday or one on a Saturday morning, and you keyed prices from a price sticker on the item onto a 'chi-ching' register and sent the item down the checkout to a packer. Yes, you heard me, someone packed your groceries!

Between hating the first year of badly chosen University subjects and not getting into a fashion course, I got a job (again thanks to my Dad) at K-Mart in the buying office as a Buyer's Assistant. It was where I …

Day 177: Don't Talk Politics

I promised you a rant. And a rant you shall have. Australians, you are suprisingly stupid, mysogynistic, bigoted and backward. Too harsh? I'm not going to apologise. This post is my opinion on a plate. Take it or leave it. Of course, exceptions, rules, all that sort of thing. But on this day when politics forces itself into my head unwanted, I have to say I am ashamed to be Australian. Regardless of your political bent, doesn't any civilised society recognise the landmark achievement it is to become a country's first female Prime Minister or whatever style of head of State you have. This is no mean feat. Anyone who thinks equality exists is deluded. And yes, politicians, to throw some more generalisation around, tell lies and spin spin and don't always do what they say they are going to. Name me one who didn't or doesn't. I dare you. She may have made mistakes, but all I can say is, Julia Gillard, I admire you. You never showed an impatience or anger (the Miso…

Day 176: A Big, Tall Glass of White Whine

I'm doing a two post session today, mainly because I keep falling asleep on the couch. I wonder if I have narcolepsy. But this is fair warning: yesterday/today's is a whine, today/tomorrow's is a rant. Stop reading now, have a quick look at the pictures and move on if neither of those things seem worth pursuing. And to make it worse, the whine today is a sparklingly white one. (White whine: according to Urban Dictionary, is a complaint made by an overprivileged white person). The boy has been shopping again. I got home one night to an electric throw blanket and the next to a second panel heater for the lounge room. The former is warm fluffiness with a plug. I spent the evening dozing to the sound of Finch's 'Mr Reese, what is happening?', and 'Mr Reese, what are you doing?'. And Reese's calm return monotone: 'Finch, I think I have found our victim/perpetrator/perp who is actually a victim (or a perp who was a victim of the victim last time he…

Day 175: The Pointy End of The Stick

What, with the supermoon pulling at our personal tides, and weigh-in day being the same day as what I have recently termed 'Shi(f)t Day', I didn't even bother going into the same room as the scales. With common recurrence, the last day of my days off are becoming a serious day of the blues. Irrational meltdowns, sob-for-no-reason type of blues. I don't hate my job as such. I hate the alarm going at five am. But I just feel that my job gets in the way of actually doing things I would rather be doing. And when I am not at work, my sleeping is so upside down because of it that I get in a faffle and don't do anything anyway. And then, when you're feeling 'sensitive', it's a bit difficult to work out what it is you actually want to 'do' anyway. So it all feels a bit pointless. Anyone know what the point is?

Irene               List_Addict
That is a dangerous question to ask. Thanks all the same, but a religious answer won't really do …

Day 174: Every Closet Needs a Cape

Q: What is your favourite store to shop at?
A: Savers. Probably Savers. While I love a little independent op/thrift shop/store, Savers is a guarantee you'll find something. A whole trolley-full of something. Cannot wait until July 15th. I'm going to Savers. Eeek! The squeal of supressed joy.

Q: If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
A: Vintage Alexander McQueen, Vivian Westwood, Anna Sui. Oh, did you ask for just one? But can't I have anything and everything?

Q: Must have closet staple?
A: By the evidence in my closet, I would have to say, somehow and subconsciously, capes.

List_Addict               Irene
Q: Favourite kind of shoes? (Brand or Type)
A: Irregular Choice. I am a hussy for them. I keep trying to try other shoe companies, but I keep coming back. There is nothing else like them. (P.S: Dear Irregular Choice, I would be honoured to choose three free pairs from your upcoming A/W season in return for shamelessly p…

Day 173: How Irene And I Go to Bed: How We Wake Up

The Appliance I am Enamoured With:

This old blogging malarky, as you all know, takes an awfully long time, every day, to do. Especially if the selfie is involved. This is how idea-to-blog goes down in my house. 1: Lie in bed night before thinking of outfit. 2: Get dressed for shoot. 3: Phaff with details. 4: Set up chair, camera and tripod. 5: Stand for ages in front of timer function with face recognition, making staccato moves to try and get camera to shoot. 6: Check photos. 7: More standing. 8: More checking. 9: More standing. 10: Load the SD card in the computer. 11: Copy pictures onto hard-drive. 12: Use photo program to put them up the right way. 13: Choose photos. 14: Bluetooth them to phone. 15: One. 16: At. 17: A. 18: Time. 18.1: Yikes. 19: Choose photos, via process of elimination, to go onto the Diptic app to make the collage. 20: Send the collage through the Blogger app to Blogger. 21: Write blog. 22: Facebook it. 23: Pinterest it. 24: Twit it. 25: Link up with daily s…

Day 172: Oppan Packing Style

For V—— and P.S——.* and anyone else who thinks my advice regarding what to pack for a long-distance walking holiday is worth at least twenty-five cents or three minutes of your time.

*P.S——, you can ignore 'Software', although a silk liner is great for extra warmth or dodgy sheets in a B&B.

List_Addict               Irene

Hiking Boots
Sandals/Thongs for walking about town

Walking Poles

Small pack for around town when needed
Rain cover for backpack
Inner water proof bag for backpack
Bum bag for items to which you need access
Waterproof map cover


Sleeping Mat
Sleeping Bag
Bivvy Bag
Silk Liner

Outer Wear:

Merino Jacket

Inner Wear:

Two tops
Two pairs shorts
One pair long trousers
One pair merino leggings
One merino thermal top
One pair pj's that can function at a push as a top Underwear:

Five pairs undies (ones that dry quickly)
Five pairs wool socks


Camera charger
iPad with K…

Day 171: Oh For The Love Of Lists

Inspired by a childhood memory of reading lists, Pip Lincolne, ex of the shop, current of the blog, Meet me at Mikes started a fifty-two week list project at the beginning of this year. I have decided to make Thursdays list day. Even if I am starting a little late. This weeks list is 'Suburbs I Have Lived In', so here goes:

Irene               List_Addict
Kempton Park, Jo'burg: two fences; watching a Concorde fly over; a swan (or was it a large white duck) living on the unfinished pool; odd things happening in the night with an injured man and the police (familiar story?); a kidney behind the couch.

Bryanston, Jo'burg: swimming pool and trampoline; cat without a meow behind decorative grates; throwing oranges up in the air until they split then sucking all the juice out; roller skates missing for many years; silk worms in shoe boxes.

Lower Templestowe, Melbourne: roller skating down the drive at speed until you hit the back wall of the garage, or the shin-bendi…