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Day 354: Missing It, Missing Out. Five.

I spent a small fortune today. Okay. I'm being modest. It was a medium sized fortune.

I went to Target for thermal leggings (it's winter here in the Antipodes—or it will be in two days time). No thermal leggings. But I did get white jeans. What! One, they're white! Two, it's winter! Everyone knows you can't wear white after Anzac Day. I've made up the Southern Hemisphere version of the rule. But I won't obey it. Always seemed like a silly rule. I know I have a shoe problem (that is pair number five down there in the pictures: had them for ages, boring in comparison to some, useful in comparison to others), but I now realise I have a jeans problem too. I buy them all the time. But I hate trying them on and they never seem to fit properly. It is a disease I can't get antibiotics for.

I also bought running gear. Phaa-phh! What! I think the running gear and another purchase you will hear about later are in the 'build it and they will come'…