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Day 273: Credit Card Abuse

Coming into the PayPal account? Thirty-two cents from Adsense, two dollars ninety-four from Adzerk. Going out of the Paypal account? Very different story. I had myself a little spree.

List_Addict               Irene
From Choies: two pairs of jeans. What is wrong with me? I have so many pairs of jeans and I love them all but I have to loose weight to wear any of them, and I won't be surprised if the same doesn't apply to these. Don't jeans just have the most amazing personalities though? They're like a bunch of oddball friends. From SheInside: three dresses, a pair of mock-leather shorts in yellow, a pair of dungarees and a bomber jacket. Two dresses were unfortunately no longer available, so I swapped them for a woollen coat and a jumper. But the big question I need answered is how on earth do these two companies sell clothes so cheap. *Opinion unsolicited, I'm just being opinionated* It's mad cheap. I will be interested to see the quality, and I am sure …

Day 272: An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

It's SundayTuesday should be Sunday, and so it's Sunday Social time at Neely and Ashley's place, time to find out a little bit about each other. What would your answers be?

Q: What do you value most in life?

A: Time, especially of the alone variety. There is nothing as underrated as this rare, precious commodity. I cannot, in any sense, understand 'people who need people'. I don't agree with Barbara. They are not 'the luckiest people in the world'. The ability to be alone is a gift. I firmly believe that being able to be alone makes you a better person to be around (later). You. Yes, you. I don't think anything makes me a better person to be around. Well, maybe really strong valium and really strong alcohol that doesn't make you feel queasy.

Q: What do you think is the greatest invention in your life and why?

A: A camera that listens to voice controls. My Samsung. I think I would have given up blogging in pure frustration by now if I st…

Day 271: Bad Books

Can you read anything? Or do you have specific types of books or genres that you stick to. No. Matter. What. What about if you start something and find you don't like it? Do you take the book mark out, close the offending item and find a better place for that bookmark to be? I am fairly open to newness and diversity and difference, but not as open as I think. For example I don't like war based fiction (unless it is against zombies), or Romance/Drama, or Historical sagas or Jodi Picoult. I am so mean to Jodi Picoult, and one day I will actually try one of her books. But, I never give up! If one of those genres or subgenres hits my reading deck, I will persist. I may even enjoy. The one exception was August 1914 by Alexander Solzhenitsyn: a library book that I had to return because my time was up, and which I conveniently forgot to ever borrow again (history, saga, and war!). I am a Solzhenitsyn fan though, so I may be back. Sometime. Somelife. I think that you can learn somet…

Day 270: From a Sandwich to a Lollipop

My theory is the Literary Junkies like talking about books so much that they sneak in 'monthly' check-ins more often than once a month. There is no physical way in the Universe that a month has already gone by since the last. Regardless of the warped nature of time, its folds and twists that make the linear seem shorter than it actually is, like the Norwegian coastline (guess the obscure literary reference to the Norwegian coastline—twenty arbitrary points if you do), it is time for me to explore books and their context to me for the last thirty or so days.

Q: What are you currently reading? Tell us a bit about it!

A: Usually I spare you the time consuming list of craziness that is my 'current reading pile' in favour of just letting you know what has been added in any given month. But sometimes we need to take stock and see what is happening, big picture. The pile is was in the process of being whittled down. And then a challenge happened. Feel free to completely…

Day 269: A Different Kind of Day; A Different Kind of Post

A different kind of day today. No outfit, no poll. No speel (nearly no speel). Today I am celebrating the honour of having been immortalised in sketch by the amazing Spy Girl. I join the elusive and heady ranks of fashion-exciting ladies such as Bella at The Citizen Rosebud, Melanie at Bag and a Beret, Desiree at Pull Your Socks Up, Senora Allnut and so many more.

And so Irene could also participate, I got out my pencils and Spy-Girl-ed her too. There is definitely no 'Who Wore It Better?' today, and unquestionably no 'Who Draw it Better?' either. I don't like that level of rejection. A different kind of day to the usual story over here at Fur Earwig. I hope you all don't mind. Thank you so much Anne!

Day 268: Wonderous Word Woden

Yay, new words! Wouldn't the world be an amazing place if every week you could learn new words and new punctuation? Too nerdy? Wonderous Word Wednesday this week (I'm a tad late) is based on the three god-y books I am reading at the moment: American Gods, The Book Against God and The God Delusion. It's just a co-incidence that they are all on the same subject this week and I was surprised that most of the words are actually from the fiction rather than what I thought would be the more difficult-to-read non-fiction. Turns out Richard Dawkins is talking down to me in a perfectly comprehensible manner so far. And—spooky—the main character in American Gods is named Wednesday (= Woden = Odin). Synchronicity.

List_Addict               Irene
Lugubrious: Looking or sounding sad or dismal (this is my constant work state at the moment, although I think sad is too mild and dismal much more apt)

'Hegley had a huge head, was middle-aged, sickly lugubrious, pale. He was dressed in a …

Day 267: Things Meandering Through The Grey Cells

I keep dreaming of building houses. Amazing labyrinthic houses with (reading) nooks and hidden rooms, secret doors and cellars, vistas off the end of long patios, fireplaces standing alone in the middle of rooms. The hidden room one nearly had me up with a pencil and paper to work it out—hexagonal, multi-level, with a reading/sleeping platform close to the glass roof so you can watch the stars. Have I been thinking/reading/seeing too many lighthouses lately? I need that room. Maybe it's a sign; maybe it's time.

Because of the last, I have started carrying around, in electric format, the following copy-and-pasteable list: olinda; monbulk; selby; tecoma; kallista; menzies creek; emerald; montrose; seville; wandin south; mount evelyn. I think I am in some fantasy coma. I keep plugging that list into real estate websites to see what comes out the other end. For people who don't know, those are the names of some places where I might concievably (a) be able to afford land…

Day 266: Strange Little Reviews

Someone, somewhere was talking about the worth of amateur book reviews the other day. They are what make the Amazon and Goodreads communities tick, to mention just two of the biggies. Or, do those communities make amateur reviews tick? But what do you think about them? With the advent of the blog, every one is now a book critic (and a food critic, a craft critic, a fashionista, an interior designer and a photographer). Do you read them? Do you write them? For me, it's mostly a way to categorise what I have read for my own future reference. As a reader, a review is what a cliff edge is to a person with vertigo. I really want to jump into it, but I don't want to know what the book is about or be influenced by what someone else thought of it. I know, silly eh? As a writer, I don't want to spoil the story or paraphrase the plot (why do you then need to read it?), and I don't want to sound like a teenager's diary with praise or criticism. So my reviews end up strange…

Day 265: The Red Squiggly Line

Let's talk Feminism. Are you scared? This is not going to be a(n overtly) serious conversation. It's just that sometimes it is the littlest of things that topple the biggest, like termites, or a small drip, over time, on a large rock. Subtleties can belie bigger and bolder endeavours and maintain a status quo without anyone ever realising it. And in this category sits the squiggly red line of 'misspelt' or 'not-known' words in Microsoft Word. One of my (male) literary professors sneered in disbelief when I was silly enough to suggest this out loud for the world to hear, so now, just between you and me, I'm telling you that squiggly line represents a continuing dominance of the patriarchal. And I am sorry to seem harsh, but if you don't believe me, you are fooling yourself a little. The fight is no where near over. And this is one of the battles!

Irene               List_Addict
Let me show you what I mean. Open yourself a word document and type …

Day 264: So Much Depends on a Good Night's Sleep

I’m listless, fugued, annoyed. I can’t be bothered. I got out of the wrong side of ‘head’ this morning afternoon. And it’s not improving. I don’t feel like writing. I feel like knitting, sleeping (more) or just reading, nothing else. All the books I am reading at the moment seem to be a bit God-y. Or in denial or satire of God, or exploring the existence of God. It’s strange how sometimes things group themselves together in your life without design. Angels and Demons is essentially a battle of science versus religion; The God Delusion is an argument toward it being okay to say you are an atheist, and here are some reasons why; The Book Against God is a protagonists attempt to write the atheistic novel; and; American Gods looks at what makes a God and how belief and the existence of Gods are intertwined. All of those descriptions are in their most basic forms and there is a lot more to each text, so please take this with a pinch of salt. (No need for corrective comments etc.) The sum…

Day 263: Goddammit!!

Goddammit!! The best ever year of SYTYCD is over. There were tears. Like they said, there was no way to choose a winner badly (although I would have loved it if Jasmine had won). Tears fell out of my eyes, but I grinned and cheered for the whole show too. It was stupendous. Pure, amazing entertainment!

Goddammit!! There is a serious plot error in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. I found it. I double and triple checked it and I thought I added it to this blog list of mine (lots of 'works in progress' on that blog). But I thought wrong. And it seems that no-one else has noticed it—there are lots and lots of blogs about all the other errors in that book, but not the one I found. All this means I have had to add another book to the pile, because now I have to work it out again!

Irene               List_Addict
Goddammit!! Okay, firstly, confession time. I have a device, meant for entertainment of a sort, on which there may, or may not be, a few items of said entertainm…

Day 262: Snug as a Bug

I am going to wear white outerwear and dark innerwear more often, and hang out in front of white surfaces. It gives the illusion of smallerness, although slightly odd-shapedness. I lost a whole bum in that photo.

Things that make me feel cosy. That is the List-de-ma-jour today on Meet me at Mikes. What make's you feel cosy? It seems fairly universally to rotate around bad weather, beds, warm drinks and rugging-up. Have to think outside the square on this one to get something interesting—my attempt is below. Leave me your ideas of cosiness in the comments.

Irene               List_Addict
A good rain jacket, preferably in yellow (as I was just explaining to Rachel a minute ago when she showed us hers), gumboots, woolly gloves and hats and a destination that involves cake.A couch, a blanket, silence, time, and lots and lots of books. The only thing I am missing in that equation is time.Marshmallows. Bare with me, I am just going to pop and get some now that we are talking about i…