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Day 297: Friendly Skies

I have some very exciting news to share with you. And also some other very exciting news that I will tell you about today. The first news will wait for a post, soon to come, dedicated just to itself. But the photos today are taken in a park on the way back from doing the exciting thing. The park is in Euroa, Victoria. You can see some Australia bush in the background, and, of course, I am twitching for native species of bird. There is a Major Mitchell cockatoo, and a galah; a black swan, a native hen and a seagull (there is always a seagull); a crested pigeon (they're so cute); and a rare and elusive myna bird. I didn't get photos of the birds. Did something happen if it isn't on Instagram? I leave that for you to decide. The outfit is based around the vest I was 'clearing from the closet', but in the process I have decided to clear the t-shirt as well. Bonus. Now I just have to work out which one to photograph again. It is a numbers game; can't waste a post…

Day 296: Literally Late

They don't call it the 'Silly Season' for nothing. (And I am not even talking about my odd eighties-channeling outfit.) We decided to go to Queensland for the three days between my night shifts and my day shifts (ie, straight from working overnight to the airport, up all day, Wet 'n Wild next day, then Christmas and a flight back for a five hour nap and back to work!). As a result I have delayed, and delayed, and delayed, posting. I have missed the Literary Junkies link party, but I am still going to do the prompts. So for all things bookish in my world this month, please see below. And you can see here for what other people read, thought, saw or dreamed in the way of words-between-covers this month.

Q: If you could write a book, what would it be about?

A: I'd love to do a beautifully macarbe, twisted and unusual mystery. Or an obtuse and unreadable OuLiPo text with a constraint too clever for itself—making me a literary and academic sensation, but poor and unr…

Day 295: Big Brother Gets Petty

It has been a while since I joined in with Wonderous Word Wednesday at BermudaOnion's Weblog and found out what those words I skip over with a general idea of what they may intone actually do mean. Here are a few of the stunning beauties I have found in recent reads:

Etiolate: pale and drawn out, feeble, having lost vigor or substance
Pellucid: translucently clear
Both from The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore by Benjamin Hale
Lydia's face was etiolated and Scandanavian-looking enough that she wouldn't have looked out of place in the black-and-white Ingmar Bergman movie, though her eyes were not the pellucid blue ones that you would expect to see in the head of the woman I've this far described.

Absquatulate: to flee, abscond
Specie: coins
Against the Day, Thomas Pynchon
'Dick' Counterfly had absquatulated swiftly into the night, leaving his son with only a pocketful of specie and the tender admonition, "Got to 'scram kid—write if you get work"…

Day 294: Here She Goes Again!

Go with the logic here. In the pursuit of my birthday goals (1-9), I am endeavouring to finish a Book Challenge. I know I already have three challenges on the go (Eclectic 2013, Autumn and Goodreads (see side bar)), but they all end soon and so I need to have a new challenge in order to have a challenge to finish. Introducing Book'd Out's Eclectic Reader Challenge 2014. I like doing these because they stretch my genres. I like a nice long stretch of the genre—it's like a Thai massage when they fold you like a pretzel and lean on you with full body weight. Sort of like that. It gets me out of pattern, which in turn makes me realise I am in a pattern and that getting out makes me grumpy and that that is silly. In other words it makes me do something I don't want to do in order to realise there is no real reason to not want to do it. Make sense?

Irene               List_Addict
In the interest of thriftiness I am going to try and fill this list with books I already own—h…

Day 293: Oh, Thank God That is Over!

Just because I have to finish it or I will cry, here is the last (thank goodness and any deity who isn't too inebriated on silly season champagne to listen) nine wish-items for my Forty-Six By Forty-Six project. A project whereby I find (by grovelling through unused and cobwebby areas of my brain) forty-six things that I would love to have achieved by the time I turn the same age next year. I have spread them over the last five days of blogging (blogging-time, not real), mainly because I like to expound in great detail rather than simply list. Don't think I am some sort of super-human after you read this list, luckily for me, the majority of these items will still be available for posting on next years Forty-Seven By Forty-Seven project. But, if I am lucky, maybe I will have to come up with more than just one more. Are you doing a similar project? Let me know.

38. Source a couple of different pairs of lasts. I am not going to make promises about making shoes that I am not …

Day 292: And The Beat Goes On

It is indicitive of my ability for fulfil the ingredients of my lists that I am still writing them two months into their time frame. It has disaster written all over it. If you are new or sporadic here, I have been putting down forty-six desires I wish to realise by the time I turn the same age next October. This post highlights numbers twenty-nine through to thirty-seven (if I can come up with that many) and I am trying for some easily achievable goals today (given one to twenty-eight will take a year each to complete and it's not like I have forty-six lives to do this all in). Yes, I am an over-striver, and an under achiever. But what do they say? Aim for the moon and if you don't make it you are still amongst the stars. I live in the stars.

29. Bake a cake (or nougat, or marshmallow). I never do. So I will. One in a year can't be too hard—although I better do it before I get hypnotised to not want to have cake (or nougat, or marshmallow).

30. Change my name on th…

Day 291: I'll Cry If I Want To

Blogologically, it is my birthday. Don't worry about wishes or sending pressies though—it was months ago. I am continuing my list of forty-six things to do before I turn twenty-eight. Just kidding. Why would that make any sense? Getting older doesn't really worry me. That much. I am not a fan of the softening neck, the tightening knees or the over-drawn sleep account, but I do like the growing clarity of the absurdity of it all and the improving disregard of the opinions of others. Although I am far from perfect in regards to the last two and often cry like a teenager over the unfairness of life. Getting older is inevitable, just have to get on with it really. If, when I start to get some of these tasks done, like the hypnotism (update: I am hoping my sister can get me a referral from her doctor without me having to attend a clinic—what! I can hope), and start to loose all this puppy fat that keeps me looking slightly younger by puffing out the wrinkles and holding up the girl…

Day 290: More X's to Cross Off

I started this list ‘yesterday’. Here is Act Two. From yesterday’s list I have since spoken to the crew over at the hypnotic clinic. I have to get a referral from a GP (mmm? That will be fun: 'Hi, yeah, I haven’t ever spoken to you or visited you because I have a deep mistrust of the medical profession, but could you please refer me onto a hypnotist so I can loose weight without going through whatever hoops you would prefer to put me through instead because you think hypnotherapy is a crock of poopy-doo'. Not looking forward to that). On with my action wish-list:

10. Go through all my unfinished knitting projects from last year and work out which of them are on G——'s needles and what those needles are. Then prowl op-shops (without purchasing anything beside needles as my bedroom is about to explode) and, if necessary, retail stores to obtain the same needles so that I can then hand G—— back her needles. Then finish the knitting projects. (All one hundred and twelve of …

Day 289: If X and X, Then Y By Z

A number of people on the blogosphere have done this. X number of things to do before you turn X on you next birthday. Credit to whoever started it, or whoever I saw doing it, but I have no idea who that was as it was a while ago, and I'm old and forgetful. Ironically getting older in this experiment means you have to do more, in what appears, due to age, to be a shorter time (you know how it is, the more years you have, the more proportionally shorter they seem). So I have to do forty-six things before I turn forty-six. Eek! And because I am verbose, I am going to spread this around the days that will, when historians of the future are trolling through the insanity that is the early twenty-first century Internet, appear to be my birthday. Here goes. How many things do you have to do before your next birthday?

1. Catch up on the blog. At this moment in time I am forty-two blogs behind. I got sick back in June or July and it has just got worse from there. Because I have so m…

Day 288: What If I Don't Like You?

[Apologies for delays in posting. I picked up some sort of a tummy bug, maybe from all this foreign, weird food in the United States? And then I lost a day in transit. Then I had lots of chatting to do. Now I have to work to pay off the credit card. All conspiring to delay the blog—thanks for being patient!]

Do you have to like the main character of a novel? Can you keep reading a book with a protagonist who is grating and unloveable? Anti-heroes can sometimes be very likeable, even if, or maybe because, they are the bad guy. But the plainly unlikeable character is an interesting, although not easy, literary device. It is an element crucial to the story of Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes.

[Spoiler alert] Charlie (I love a story about a namesake) has been chosen to participate in a revolutionary experiment whereby an operation will give him hyper-intelligence. The novel is epistolary, made up of progress reports he writes through the duration of the experiment. Charlie suffer…

Day 287: Give Thanks For Books

I am, at the time of writing this, travelling through the United States just before Thanksgiving. My title comes from the sign outside most libraries we have driven past. I support this sentiment! Once again it is time to have a look at all things bookish for the month just gone with the Literary Junkies. How was your month of words between covers?

Q: What are you currently reading? Tell us about it!

A: Here is the current list, and here are the books I added one day after composing that list; take away the completed Flowers for Algernon and The Silver Linings Playbook. Crazily, I am reading all those books. Yes, I probably have either ADHD or a short attention span. I keep finding things interesting and adding them to the pile. This month I also added four new books, set in the four states I planned to visit on my holidays: Nevada (Steven King's The Stand), Utah (Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song), Arizona (Mark Poirier's Goats) and New Mexico (Have you seen Cha…

Day 286: Hi-Ho

Too much is happening in the future where this blog is, in real time, as opposed to now, in the past—make sense? I love the warped nature of time—too much happening for me to tell you about the movies I will see on the plane in about a month's time, so I am telling you now. On my fifteen hour flight to LA I pathetically only managed two full movies and a skip through a documentary just because I wanted to see what it said was innovative and on a human scale about the city of Melbourne (it was her use of alley spaces). The movies I saw were The Lone Ranger and Singing in the Rain.

Irene               List_Addict
Somehow I manage to watch movies that do one of two things to me on flights—make me laugh out loud or make me cry. Both things you don't really want to do when you are in a sardine can with three hundred other people. The Lone Ranger made me laugh. How does Johnny Depp get 'quirky' so down pat. I find him amazing. In fact whenever I am unsure of an actor'…

Day 285: Animal Planet

Do people realise how like animals they are? Animals with clothes on, which makes them even sillier. It makes you realise our self-imposed higher status is a delusion. Watching a passing parade of them is like watching a documentary. Don't you wish that sometimes you could just sit and watch people, with a nice coffee, and a David Attenborough voice-over. This is a taster of what it would be like:

List_Addict               Irene
The International Traveller, like the flamingo, performs a co-ordinated dance through the immigration hall. But unlike the pink birds, this flock's dance seems rather a determination of hierarchy within the group. For seemingly undefinable reasons the group splits into three, a majority group which dances quickly over a large area, traversing almost the full length of the hall before turning to repeat the head-turning and twisting shuffle in the other direction; a smaller more finely plumaged group which dances in a much reduced area, over a shor…