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Day 344: A Rocking Horse

Here, at near enough mid-way through the year, a time when tax should be all I am thinking of, is the abysmal progress—in little, cantaloupe coloured, visual-deterrents-to-denial bar graphs—of my many book challenges. In case you were wondering about it while you did dishes.


So easy: everything I read qualifies. But this is all about numbers. I pledged to read a hundred and one books. I am up to seventeen.

16.8% 0 101 Books

Eclectic Reader Challenge 2014:

I nominated books for this when I signed up. Do you think it is cheating to change them if it means I can say I have read more? I'm a purist, so at only halfway, I am saying no. Closer to the end of the year I may change that—The Handmaid's Tale is a Governor General and Authur C Clark Award winner after all! Puristically though, I have read one book in this challenge: Meg Cabot's The Boy Next Door.

8% 0 12 Books

Semi-Charmed Summer Book Challenge 2014 (SCSBC14):

5 Points: Freebie! Read any book that is …

Day 313: Last Thoughts

Even though I am (undeniably, but denied anyway) getting older, I have rarely had funerals to attend. It's a good complaint. I am sure the statistics will change. Maybe it is part of what makes me able to get through a work day without loosing all my faith in the human race, but I feel like I have an almost Monty Python/absurdist relationship with death. I'm not afraid, I'm not regretful. The sadness of death is always sadness for the ones who don't experience it, for the ones, instead, who witness it. We recently lost a gentleman from work. The funeral was this week. At the service someone said that he was nicknamed 'Grumpy'. I must have been lucky because I never thought he was. To me he was always cheerful despite what was a life-long battle with disease, mostly acute diabetes. He was quirky, conversational, interesting and curious. He was patient and kind. He worked so hard in our stressful, highly-paced, responsibility-ridden positions in a way that I fou…

Day 312: You Could Read Something Else

It is reckoning time. The Literary Junkies June round-up. If you are here for amazing fashion, can I recommend you visit Ari or Tamara instead; if you are here for naked bike rides, can I suggest Melanie may be more what you need; if it was engaging repartee you wanted, maybe go visit Sally. But if hearing me rattle on and on about books in a monthly review of all things bookish, an exercise which always ends up longer than polite society deems acceptable, then you're in the right place: HERE! [I can feel you clicking the 'X' button from here B——, don't think I can't!].

Q: What are you reading? Tell us about it!

A: The attempt to get the book pile to a reasonable size is marching steadily in the wrong direction despite having blitzed through quite a few books on my recent holidays. New to the currently reading pile are three books courtesy of my latest Book Riot Quarterly Box. This quarter was all about genre, and the team decided to get us to stretch our gen…

Day 341: I'm Baa-aa-ck

I think, perhaps, maybe, I'm back. I could sound a little more positive than that I am sure, but I have a slight distrust of my will power and ability to draw myself away from my current dual procrastinations of Candy Crush Saga and I can say, without a shadow of any doubt (partly depressingly) that, in the physical sense of the word, I am back in Melbourne. I'm back at work—that is where the depression comes in. I'm back with the dual craziness better known as Lollii and Darby—and you can never regret being back amongst puppy-love even if it does include bed-hogging, wet chewed paper, possessiveness and an inability to eat in peace, ever again. But what I most hope to be back to is (at least tri-weekly, that's a good aim) blogging, sharing clothes with Irene and taking photos in interesting spaces despite the lack of daylight.

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If you don't come around often, you may not be aware of where I have been in order to now …