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Wear 364: Fourteen Cats in Hats

It's most way through January already! Pair-of-shoes Fourteen always seem out of a Dr Suess book to me so where better to wear them than on a post that goes through my book challenge achievements (or lack of) for last year. Most of you will want to skip straight through to the pictures—sometimes I think I blog just so I will remember things later. That is definitely the case here! Before I start: these shoes were bought for me by Mr Earwig, sight unseen. His taste is not bad for a man who gravitates towards track suit pants.

Avanti Ciera 2015 Let Me Count the Ways Reading Challenge

Goal: Multi-Diamond—10,000+ Pages

January: 1887 pages
February: 2491 pages
March: 2436 pages
April: 3197 pages
May: 3973 pages
June: 1951 pages
July: 3235 pages
August: 4503 pages
September: 4027 pages October: 2549 pages November: 3533 pages December: 3376 pages
Total Year: 33185

This task: Achieved. The above was a meticulous and labour intensive manual calculation each month. According to Goodre…

Day 363: Thirteen Crazy Favourites

Pair-of-shoes-I-own number thirteen, seen here, are one of my all time favourites!

This dress from Modcloth is a favourite too. Totally inappropriately I try and wear it everywhere: dinner, movies, weddings, to the shops.

My absence from the world of blogging for the last quarter of last year was half to do with craziness and half with laziness. Here is some of the craziness. I had told you that I was planning a special trip for Mr Earwig's milestone birthday celebrations.

This is what happened. I'll try and make it sweet and short. It came in two stages: The Reveal (whereby his long anxious wait to see what he would be doing was slowly ended) and The Real Thing (whereby what he waited for for so long, went by in a jiffy).

The day before his birthday he received a Facebook message from a friend telling him he was going, in a week's time, to Geneva, but in order to find out what happens when he gets there he had to check the dogs.

On Lolli's collar a me…