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Day 350: Thou Really Ought Not Covet

Super quick, this was London, a bit more London, blah blah blah, trip earlier this year, Trafalgar Square, blue cocks, red buses, stone stone and black lions, photos held in stock until now, don't get me wrong London is the best city in the known universe apart from New York and Mexico City and Upwey, but I have something more important to discuss and must move quickly from photos to words. Enough about London? Good.

Let's talk about Covet

List_Addict               Irene
Oh my Goodness. How annoying is Covet? Have you all got it. Let me know so I can be your friend and borrow clothes from your closet. Like, real friendship, like. For those of you who may not know what I am talking about, Covet is an app/game/sales tool in which you 'buy' clothes for your virtual paper doll and dress her up in themes in the hope of earning more money or diamonds for more clothes to dress her in to enter more themes to earn more diamonds or money to ... Etc, etc. You can also buy the …

Day 349: One (and SCWBC14)

Starting this day in blog-land I am counting my shoes. Sure, I could go into my bedroom and count them, but this is more fun—and it makes me assess the right, of any shoe in my wardrobe, to stay there. This pair came from a swish little store on Chapel Street in Melbourne. They were, in hindsight, the shoes that started my fascination with the out-of-the-ordinary shoe. I call them my cowboy mary-janes. Insanely pointy; charmingly pink; unusually appointed. And like most of the shoes I own, difficult to wear. They won't turn your ankle, but there is a lot of real estate at the front of your foot that you forget about, and the ankle strap never comes across as trustworthy. Regardless, I love them. One pair.

Irene               List_Addict
And the acronym? Semi Charmed Kind of Life—the creator and curator of the Semi Charmed Book Challenge—has recently announced there will be a Winter challenge. What goes better together than Winter and reading? Nothing. The fact that we, here at F…

Day 348: My Favourite Colour

Who: Melanie at Bag and Beret

What: The Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show

When: A while ago (have I told you trying to buy a house keeps getting in my way!)

Where: At, around and in the vicinity of ACCA

Why: Do you even have to ask?

Who Else: B—— for the photos, Melbourne Bike Share for the props (although I did pay for that, and we spent so long riding around getting moving pictures that they charged me again so I am not really sure why I am telling you about them: this isn't a plug, except that they are quite cool!)

What the ?: Sunshine incarnate in the form of a yellow skirt travels the world searching for women, bold and beautiful, who make it their own for a day, or a week and share their own take on its joyous light with everyone out there who thinks that being an exceptional individual with the daring and bravado to walk your own way, strut your own stuff and be your own you is a good thing! That's my take on it, but you can read the full story on the link to the skir…

Day 347: Largs and Lassitudes

stream of consciousness literary model narrative technique psychology James Joyce Virginia Woolfe good enough for them to get everything on the page in a hurry no need to worry about punctuation

Okay, might be hard to read but it's about me not you. The final full stop. Read Ulysses, it'll make more sense.

for now this is the quickest way to catch up and move on in this blogging silliness stopped for weeks by the all-consuming search for houses and the associated stasis it has wrought on everything else of meaning in my life

Irene               List_Addict
Pictures are of Largs months ago at Kelburn castle where they needed to render the wall but couldn't afford it so graffiti artists painted it in the meantime now everyone prefers it to the render except the council it must be a reason people pay quite a hefty fee to come in even though there isn't a lot to see just some hamsters a good birds of prey keeper a maze a sort of scary jungle-gym which would be occ-h…

Day 346: Stages

[Quickly, before you start, pop over here to see what stage I reached on the Bout of Books 11 challenge I did last week: it's underwhelming!]

I'm stuck on stage three of the process of grief. Anger. The people around me are becoming uncomfortable. They can't understand why I won't move on. I think it's because I didn't see it happen at the time. I have only just realised that it is, already, a done deal; something that can't be brought back, something forever gone that I didn't realise was leaving us. A lot of people don't even appear aware. When did the word 'fewer' actually die and leave the English language? Suddenly it is gone and I must spend all my time yelling at the television—from ads to news to fiction to categories of programs sometimes referred to, ignominiously, as high-brow television—for 'lesses' where there should have been 'fewers'. All. The. Time. 'Less' harsh chemicals in Finish dishwasher ta…

Day 343: Any Excuse for a Bout of Books (11)

I have a Quarterly Box that I spoil myself with four times a year. It is from Book Riot, which means I get books and book related fabulousnesses sent to my door. What a blessed thing! Last time the wonderous box arrived on my door it had a voucher for a couple of free monthes use of the Oyster Books app. Being an Australian, I am unable to access Oyster as it currently only works in the United States. Sooo! If you have been having thoughts of joining up and are a United States resident, and if you have an email attached to your comments, then be the first person to comment saying you want it and I will email you privately to get your details and send it on. I don't know if that is the right thing to do, I can't guarantee if it will work, but I am happy to send it to you to give it a go. Let me know.

List_Addict               Irene
I'm seriously jealous of Oyster, even though I have the perfectly fabulous alternative that does like the credit cards of Australians: Scribd…

Day 342: A Tangled Web We Weave

Eek! These photos are from before I went away. I must have been channelling some deluded idea of haute couture at the time. I was reading On The Daily Express the other day (here and here) where Gina had gathered together a group of other bloggers from around the States—one from each time zone—and done a survey about trending looks. Essentially she asked each blogger about a series of trends (crop tops, rompers, jean styles, Birkenstocks, etc) and whether these trends translated to the street in their area. Often they didn't. What is fashion? An elite group of designers who make clothes that only a small percentage of people can afford or wear? An enormous group of retailers, advertisers and marketers who push a quick-turnover must-do look in order to sell, sell, sell? Or one person—you—deciding what to wear when you wake up today?

Irene               List_Addict
I am sure I am not the first person to riddle-me-this, but tell me, if you can, why doesn't the fashion industry…