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Wear 383: To Have, and To Hold - A Dilemma

So this happened: Cable Knit Vests became re-came a thing. I've had my op-shopped/thrifted Cable Knit Vest for a very long time. And except for the time, earlier in the year, when we took a turn at croqueting in our front yard and it seemed appropriate in that moment, I have never worn it. Despite that, it survived my 'Does It Spark Joy?' evaluation of the jumper and cardigan shelf. Now, it turns out, it was worth hanging on to. Or was it? Does that mean you should never get rid of anything? Because eventually it'll come back? That would mean, at some point, you would have to stop buying new things. (Before your house exploded.) Not an overly bad idea, but I always had this fear that one day I would stop buying things and my wardrobe, for the rest of my life, would be stuck in the 80s or 90s or Noughts. The vaguaries of fashion would seem eternal if you're stuck looking like a minor celebribity from Dynasty. The first one. Again, not an

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