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Day 335: Oh Dear!

Last week I went op-shopping/thrifting. Twice. It had been months since I last did. November. America. At which time I came home with more things than I needed, or that could fit into my wardrobe. But I didn't let that stop me. First I did a local sweep of stores around me and scored two pairs of shoes and about eight clothing items. And then B—— and I went on a Mill Park expedition (conversation filled driving; vanilla slice (sold out! substitute pecan pie) and coffee; Savers at (what used to be more) reasonable prices), and I got two more pairs of shoes and twenty-one items. I could hear my wardrobe groaning from across town. Thrifting, for me, is never hardly ever about need. What makes it so appealing?

List_Addict               Irene
The hunt, the chase. I am not a 'brand' person. But there is something exciting about finding something deemed 'valuable' by its label. More so when the store hasn't realised it either. Many thrift stores or op-shops are…

Day 304: You're Starting to Feel Very Sleepy

Caution: Seemingly angry woman writing ahead! Take with generous amount of salt.

One of the forty-six things I want to get done this year, between birthdays, is get hypnotised in order to lose weight. Ah, yes, loosing weight: that most useful of life pursuits! Anyway, I had come across hurdles and impasses—mainly due to an extreme dislike of attending doctor's surgeries, even for the purpose of a referral and especially because, in order to get one, the one charlatan sleazoid I did see advised I would have to go on a mental health plan. Don't even get me started on patriarchal medicinal control of women, misdiagnoses of hysteria based on gender, or the warped nature of body image! But I did, with the help of the boy, locate a non-referral hypnotherapist and so far have attended three of six sessions designed to make me forget biscuits, change my lifestyle forever and loose weight. Can I say, I want to believe, but I'm skeptical. Here's what's going through my h…

Day 333: INFP (Dreamer; Healer; Fluff-Bucket)

I may not be the easiest person to go on holiday with. Personally I think that most other people are not easy to go on holiday with, or be in a room with, or on a planet. Often, when the issue seems to be everybody else, in actuality it is most likely to be you. I may, in fact, be the most incomprehensible, difficult and complex person to be around since Lollii. I've told you this before: I need isolation. When I worked for a ra-ra-ra company that liked to incentivise its employees with analyses of their personality types and comparisons of their selling goals to climbing Mt Everest after losing two feet and a nostril, we did a session on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Exploring the first aspect of personality on this test (introvert versus extrovert) they divided the room into intros and extros and got each to come up with a list of the traits they believed differentiated the other group. Surprise: I was on the introvert side of the room. They called us shy, quiet, indecisive,…

Day 303: Have I Seen the Light?

Sometimes I think there is no such thing as fate. We are responsible for what actions we take, and when random stuff happens there is no meaning behind it, you just deal with it. Other times it is like something out there is trying to hit you around the head with a cricket bat because you are not listening to the signs. This Saturday just gone was a day of the latter. It went roughly like this: four hours sleep; angry because there is a dog on my head who doesn't understand it is not getting-up time yet; get up and take the dog for a walk; try to sleep more; no luck; V—— arrives to take me out to look at houses [Aside: I need space; it's time. I will either get a house myself, or there is the option for V—— and I to co-purchase, but if we go that way it needs to be a house which has a separate section where I can hide away like a recluse when I need to. Sometimes I need to, and the more time goes on, the more I need to. The initial idea to buy was mine. V—— has sort of sli…

Day 332: Everything's Bigger in the USA

There was a resigned feeling in the car, driving back into Vegas, refueling, preparing to leave our vehicle of the last two weeks—a new friend. Feeling decidedly unwell the evening before I had still managed to roll, squash and manipulate all of my op-shopped/thrifted items into my and V——'s suitcases. I will 'wear' my 'fur' coat home, and it's lucky that my other 'fur' coat was left behind and was being shipped home in its own box. Nothing, not even something 'wafer-thin', can be added before the cases implode and, due to their massive compact wight, turn into the first researchable incidents of black holes on the earth's surface. We handed over the keys to the Nissan, wheeled the black holes into the terminal, and joined the world's longest car-hire queues to pick up our one-way, one day, car to take us back to California. Don't people have better things to do on Thanksgiving than queue up?

List_Addict               Irene
Do you…