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Wear 378: Thinking The (Knee) Deep Thoughts

Even though I don’t write them down as often as I used to, the deep thoughts, the meaningful questionings, keep happening. And recently they have spurred me back here. These things are too profound to be simply bouncing around, alone, in my head. They need to be shared.

One. Why do people buy cars and then buy personalised number plates that tell you what kind of car they have? The car already says what kind of car it is. If you had a 1990 Toyota Corolla and you got a personal plate that said MYJAG, that would make more sense. You would be saying something about where you are and where you dream of being. MU5TNG on your 2018 Orange Fury Mustang (That would be the plate on my ‘90s Corolla) just says: ‘I can’t read what my car says.’ Which doesn’t make sense because then how do you read your plate? See, deep.

Two. If you are a Tradie (Tradesman for the non-Australia speakers out there), how do you decide if you’ll wear Fluoro Orange or Fluoro Yellow? Is it a purely personal …