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Day 307: Escape To The Country

Many things waste my time. Or I find many things to waste it. Is 'waste' the right word? Is procrastination a bad thing? Or is it just focus in other areas, in other interests, than you thought you would focus on when you got up this morning? Which of these is a 'waste' of time: Candy Crush Saga; reading other people's blogs; Pinterest; reading books; sleeping; working (duh, stupid question on that one); or; That last one is the procrastination-de-jour currently keeping me away from the writing of blogs that used to fill each and every day of my life. I'm itching at the bit to buy a house.

Irene               List_Addict
And boy, is it stressful. I am feeling ill from the seriousness of it all. Ulcers, headaches, pimples. What happened, you see, is we found the 'perfect house'. We shouldn't have even been looking. We hadn't seen a bank or a broker about how much we could borrow. We had looked on the Internet, and given oursel…

Day 306: The Boy Next Door

A small miracle happened. I finished a pledged-to-a-reading-challenge book. No. Wait. It is even more exciting than that. I finished it during the challenge! I know. Me too. Shocked. But reading is getting much more of a look in this year. To the detriment of blogging. My couch is so appealing. It lets me sit on it and play Candy Crush, read people's blogs and read books on my Scribd account. I'm having trouble getting other things done. But I got 'Romantic Comedy' from Book'd Out's Eclectic Reader Challenge 2014 done, and here it is:

Meg Cabot's The Boy Next Door.

Irene               List_Addict
I love to watch Romantic Comedies: I've not really ever read them. Bridget Jones's Diary excepted. This is what I likedislike like about a challenge that shoves a boot into your backside and pushes you out of your comfort genres. Why don't I read Romantic Comedies? I think I like my reading to be more 'thought provoking' and I surmise (probab…

Day 334: My Mad Face and My Happy Face Are The Same

Caution: if you haven't been seduced by True Blood and plan to watch it (or read it) at a later time, this contains spoilers.

People tell me they have stopped watching True Blood because it got silly. My mum said that, but I feel uncomfortable talking to my mum about this because it is a little lot racey, and I feel weird about my mum watching racey things. A couple of people at work said the same thing. They said that by the time Tru Blood got to its fourth or fifth season, it got ridiculous and unbelievable.

List_Addict               Irene
Okay, let me get this straight. So it wasn't silly when Vampires came out of the coffin and started mainstreaming with normal society; drinking a synthetic blood to enable them to stop eating people. It wasn't silly when vamp blood, better known as 'V' was revealed to be a drug—making you strong and healthy and super high. A mind reading protagonist and a shape-shifting bar owner: not silly. And I am not even going into …

Day 337: Reading the Swing

I won another book on Goodreads (whoo hoo; the first was Dean Blake's Surface Children). It's the beez-neez to see the email saying you have won and to wait for the parcel to arrive. Excitement. You can do it too. Join up to Goodreads, go into 'giveaways' and enter as many as you want. (I usually have seven entered at any given point—when I remember. It seems a good number. Fair, without being greedy.) I'll also have a Quarterly Box from Book Riot zooming my way soon. The pressure is on to decrease the 'currently reading' pile significantly (wish item no. 46 here) before these two arrive and increase it again. That said, I have finished three books lately, and also see a film, so here is a little cultural run-down from my recent life:

A Necessary End by Peter Robinson. Book three from the current 'crime series' I am pursuing. Written by a Canadian author, this series follows the crime solving endeavours of Inspector Alan Banks in the (not real) Yor…

Day 336: Golf Balls

Poor V——. Every time I tell this story, it makes his bits hurt. But it is such a good story, and good stories demand telling. I've told B——. I may have had a small audience for a telling at work. There will possibly be questions (or pained sideways glances) next time you are in my love, sorry about that. And now I am going to make it last in perpetuity by publishing it on the Internet.

List_Addict               Irene
We were driving to the coast. Mr Darby Pickles' microchip is still not transferred to my details, but 'dang it' thought we, we are going to take him for a leash-free run on Fairhaven Beach and see how he goes. It's a good hour and a bit drive and at about forty-five minutes someone, not naming any names, or going with the usual assumption that everything naughty comes from Darby and not Lollii, but someone, in the back seat, starting farting. Farting with a vileness not known outside of Hell. V—— pulled into a side street and I took the little people…

Day 305: Your Closest Exit May Be Behind You

A promise is a promise; even if it is late. Do you watch the safety videos on planes? Or are you like me and thinking 'Yeah, yeah, I already worked out how to fasten the seat belt, I don't have a small child next to me and if that gas mask falls, I will be making my last appeals to any possible deities and expecting the worst; I also don't need to know about a slide coming out of the door-well in the event of a water landing, because beside that freak landing on the Hudson, most of those things don't go well'. We have great scare-tactic television shows to prove it. So most of the time I just pretend I'm watching but usually zone out or listen for grammatical errors. But Air New Zealand has come up with the right formula—they've made them funny, and they've made them often.

Irene               List_Addict
The video on the way home was enjoyable. It had a Middle Earth theme with some quite notable guest stars. The only notable guest star I wasn't…