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Day 120: Dictionary.List_Addict.Com

Elation: The emotion felt when you wake up at a time you deem to be late for the preparation of a work day, only to have the realisation dawn that's it is actually a day off.

Fright: Accompanied by a rapid rise in heart-rate and a desire to high-tail it in the other direction, this emotion is experienced, typically, when you catch a movement in you eye's corner and look up to a staring competition with a mouse sitting on your computer table.

Irene               List_Addict
Disappointment: The feeling you get when the new parcel of shoes arrive and one of them is not wearable. It is exacerbated by the fact that a simple quality control check should have picked it up and so the disappointment extends to what has been my favourite shoe company to date.

Anxiety: Related to disappointment, this feeling can arise with actively imagined thoughts of a shoe company not doing 'the right thing' about a sub-standard pair and, and this is the anxious bit, having to …

Day 119: Something Nagging At Me

Check-in Day. I am not sure how it happened, but I lost another kilo. So currently it's two hundred for me and twenty-three hundred for the evil conglomerates who will get my hard earned cash for their no-good, evil ways because of my laziness and lack of will-power. Explanation? Here. I'd explain about the walks around Albert Park Lake and the badmington raquets, but I am suddenly exhausted and am having trouble making it sound exciting. The only bad thing about this whole 25 F(or) 25 is that I keep having these weird waves of exhaustion that are debilitating. Has anyone gone the (majority) cold turkey on carbs and sugars and experienced the same thing? It seems to occur more when I now do have something sweet (it is bad day today). I'm okay for a little and then bam! Road-train, wombat, middle of nowhere, splat! And then I cannot get to bed fast enough. And this is certainly not fast enough. Apologies for the 'poor me'-ness.

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Day 118: Gettin' Wiggy With Ma Bros

It may seem that I have an endless amount of things to talk about from the way I manage, on most days, to put something down on this little old blog here. You may think I am just verbose or a chatterbox. But sometimes, sometimes my dear friends, I struggle to be so witty and engaging. Okay, most times. But I struggle to find topics to be unwitty and unengaging about some days, and so I am joining up today with Social Sunday becase it is a fabulous way for me to instantly get something to write about. Thanks so much Neely—you have saved me brain-strain for a day. So, to it:

Q: Did you sleepwalk as a child?
A: I don't think so. I used to avoid sleeping so that I could read. I remember being marched back to bed after finding spots to read in the night. My sister is a fabulous sleep-walker though. She changes the linens in her sleep, or just takes the whole mattress off the bed and gets back on the slats to sleep. Lots of fun when you share a bed with your hubby, I am sure. (Hop…

Day 117: Silence Is Golden

And soothing.

List_Addict               Irene
And quick.

The OutfitSinglet Top: Op-shoppedJacket: Op-shoppedSkirt: Op-shopped, 25 F(or) 25 item of the day Shoes: Irregular Choice

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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Day 116: The Nesses Fluffy and Silly

It is that four in the morning time and in the tea-room the TV is on. We're at the Taronga Zoo finding out what is happening with all the animals. Can reality TV get any better? There are eight or so people in here who would say 'hell, no', but whose lack of sleep may make their judgement questionable. We have the baby cheetahs who have lost their mum and are having to be hand fed. They mew like birds, and their little feet with their tiny nails are pawing the air as if mum was still there. Both adorably cute and adorably sad. By next week they will probably take off your arm, but right now I want one. They have also been trying to mate the cameleons. If they are happy when popped in each other's cages, he and she remain resplendently coloured. But if she is 'just not that into' him, she goes black. Take one: black. And biting a brightly coloured and optimistic him in the turkey wattle. A simple change of partners got everyone colourful and now there are…

Day 115: Because It Was Grassy and Wanted Wear

Finally, someone else got off their bottom and joined us up to Stadium Stomp. I have been doing an awful, awful lot of talking about it, lots and lots of walking between interested parties on the work floor, and very, very little about actually signing on the dotted line. So S—— finally sat down and took the three and a half minutes it required to set up our team: Please Don't Stair. What is a Stadium Stomp you ask? It isn't lots of people stamping their feet as accompaniment to a country band in a large arena. It is a stair climb. Hence the pun. For the last four years we have been doing the race up the stairs to the Eureka Skydeck. It is eighty-eight floors; one thousand, six hundred and eighty-eight steps and a big effort. So why not, I foolishly thought to myself, amp it up a tad. Stadium Stomp is the longest consecutive stair climb in Australia and is happening for the the first time, this year, in the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground. The route involves alternating up an…

Day 114: He Hasn't Ordered Chianti Yet

You may be reluctant, but I think we need to talk about Hanninbal. The TV series. Have you tried it? I was never a big one for the movies. I think I have seen The Silence of the Lambs and some, if not all, of Red Dragon. Never read any of the books (anyone know if they are worth it?) But I am quite entranced, and slightly confused, by the series. The confusion I have just cleared slightly with a quick and faith-taking perusal of the Wikipedia page for Hannibal Lecter (Character). My memory of Red Dragon was too sketchy to realise that the series appears to be based of the synopsis of that novel, the relationship between Lecter and an FBI agent, Will Graham, who has an inane ability to imaginatively inhabit the minds of serial killers and make the necessary mind-leaps to help catch them. I was thrown by the usual vision I have of Lecter which is of him incarcerated. Here he is free and frequently cooking meals consisting of organ meats of dubious origin. I have seen him described as …

Day 113: Haggard (Eh? Yeah!)

Me: shattered, sshhh-a-ttt-eerrr-ed, exhausted, tired, shagged, drowsy, comatose, pooped, burned out, done in, weary, sleepy (to say the least), past-bedtime, fatigued, worn out, droopy.

Irene               List_Addict beat, dead on own's feet, dog-tired, drained, enervated, fagged, finished, narcoleptic, petered out, spent, tuckered out, wasted.

The OutfitTop: Target (one of my favourite Target buys ever, and today's can-I-wear-it-comfortably item)Cardigan: Op-shoppedSkirt: Op-shopped Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Bronte'

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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Day 112: Read All About It

It is weigh-in day again. So quickly. And again there is no movement on the scale. Well, there is the movement from zero to a large number at the speed of light when I first jump on there, but when the little pointer settles down after its shock, it settles down on the same number as last week and the week before. This week, having tempted the fates of the scales overly with a combination of not eating and eating bad stuff, I don't feel the disappointment of the 'same number' as much as the relief of 'at least it is still the same number'. And while I am over the moon about that, I am not so excited to be at the point where I am wearing the clothes I picked out a few weeks ago as those I was determined to fit into this week. They are still snug, to say the least. Oh well, I have pledged to do Michelle Bridge's Twelve Week Challenge with a friend at work (to be further known as Lady D--). The next round starts mid May so I will, to your chagrin, keep you notifi…

Day 111: Reasons I Have No Time

Why is Pinterest so dedicated to trying to convince us that sharks are not to be feared as a way of dying? We are more likely to be killed by elevators and high fructose corn syrup. Great, now we have to be fearful of things that are much, much, much more common and prevalent in our lives.

In a study I conducted, forty-three percent of all desserts and cakes posted to Pinterest are red velvet. This may not be a representative number for the whole of Pinterest and was, frankly, made up. But there are a lot. I don't understand the attraction. It is just red food colouring.

It doesn't work to show million of photos of cakes and biscuits and cookies on Pinterest and then throw in a paleo option of covering a watermelon with coconut cream, fresh fruit and nuts and calling it a cake. Pinterest makes us eat while we wish we were skinny enough to fit into the clothes on there, and while we pin exercise routines we can do while watching NCIS (ten push ups every time Gibbs kiss…

Day 110: Over-Thinking Blogging

I'm so lucky. Lovely people visit. They read, they comment. Lovely comments. But I am not sure how to convince them to stay. What do I need to do to get more followers? And why do I worry about how many I have in the first place? It seems like the North Americans have blogging down to a business art. Sponsors, ad space, giveaways, stuff to give away. I am guessing that they do two things I don't do: they go out to get all those things by approaching companies, and, they actually blog about fashion. I had rumours back to me this week that people think mine is a fashion blog. That is all to do with pictures and nothing to do with content though. Damn my love of counting! If I couldn't see those little numbers next to those little graphs, all about how many people stopped by, and how many stayed. Oh, and if I couldn't compare it to all the other blogs I see. Then I would be able to blissfully write away with no care in the world. As if I had no audience. But, and this j…

Day 109: I Am, I Am Thinking About Living In Pyjamas

Notes to my future self.

I am writing this now, but because I slept past sun-down (see yesterday for a more comprehensive reason why; I had to recover), I have to wait for tomorrow to have my shoot. I know, I could do a selfie in the terrible light of my bedroom. Or I could do what so many other fabulous bloggers do and have an internal photo-shoot. But other bloggers must have nice lighting. Don't get me wrong. We have nice lighting. But it goes by the name of ambient. Candlelight has more wattage. The most light in our house comes off the screen of my i-Pad. It is not ideal. Also, my Sartorialist inspired outfit—if I pull it off, and probably even if I don't—deserves more. And so I will wait until tomorrow and take this moment to tell my tomorrow's self a few poignant and wise things.

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Use sunscreen. Actually, don't. The book I am reading says sunscreen could actually give you skin cancer. Now, whatever you do—and the you here is …