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Wear 379: Between Ten and Twelve-ish

I’ve been looking at subscribing to an app for six months that will tell me to eat sensible foods, in sensible proportions; have healthy snacks on hand for those times when you need to snack; exercise a little more; keep what’s going in lower than what’s coming out; drink water; don’t give up. Why do I need to pay for that when I already know it? Since July I have been counting my calories. It’s doing my head in!

I’m preaching to the converted most likely. We all obsess about this. We are taught/encouraged/brainwashed to be obsessed about it. It’s big business. I’ve lost anywhere between ten and twelve-ish kilos since July (depending on what day it is—a complete and randomly fluctuating non-pattern of unexplained variation: aka 'scales'). I lost that weight during an eight week what-we’ll-call ‘diet’, during which I fairly much stuck to an eight hundred calorie a day food plan and tried to increase my walking every day. I motivated myself by posting weekly on…