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Day 353: Four, Knock on Our Door

It took eight months to find ourselves a house. Actually that is a lie. We found houses the first time we went looking for them. And everytime afterwards. But it took nine months to get to the end of the process. Sort of like birthing a baby I suppose. Costs as much. Without all the nasty nastier bits though. In a funny way I miss going out every Saturday with a long list of closely timed appointments. I miss racing from one side of the mountain to the other. The mountain?, you ask.

Both Mr Earwig and I, prior to this momentous shacking-up occasion (and no, we're not going to get married or anything silly—why waste good money which could go towards great pieces of furniture, on something that says 'we're committed' in any way more powerful than co-signing a thirty-year payment plan does), lived in the inner city, close to the beach. That, there, is not affordable property. So when it came to deciding where to buy, I had to opt (and co-opt) for the hills. If I coul…