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Day 301: Challenge Yourself

Reading challenges invite questions. Don't they? They are like a microcosm of debates pertaining to the meaning of life, or God(s). They probe moralities and philosophies that affect the true core that speaks to who we are as humans. Well, sort of. For example, how many reading challenges are too many? Which books? Which format? Why can't I read more? Should I make up my own reading challenge? But this one is the most pressing question for which I am seeking an answer: Should you be able to count one book towards more than one reading challenge? It's a doozy, isn't it? Personally, I am in the 'no' school on that one. It seems like, and this is not said judgementally towards the people of the world who are obviously in the 'yes' camp, but it seems like, well, cheating. I said it. It's out there now. Ultimately, challenges I set myself—like the high standards I expect of myself in things like playing Scrabble and walking across the UK—are chall…

Day 299: Howz It Going?

Between birthdays, I am trying to get a bucketlist of forty-six things done. Here is my monthly progress report. The original posts in infinitely too much detail can be found here, here, here, here and here.

1. Getting caught up on Fur Earwig: Mmm, went backwards. I was at forty-two behind, am now at seventy-nine behind. I think I will cry.

2. Getting hypnotised: Barrier—have to go to a doctor for a 'Mental Health Plan' if I want to get a referral. Looking at options, but not doing anything with the looks.

3. Finish a Reading Challenge: Didn't finish one, didn't finish a book for one, but joined two more—Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge and a place related one that I will blog about soon.

4. Becoming an Iceberger: Didn't even swim on the madly hot days we had.

5. Apply for my PhD: Nope.

6. Design a House: Did think about this when I couldn't sleep some nights. It's there in theory.

7. Buy the land to build it on: Looked, but nope. Did set up a reale…

Day 300: Hashtag

There are whole bunches of cultural things I need to catch up on with you, but rather than bore you with long-winded details, here are my impressions of three books and two movies that I have finished or seen in the last couple of months played out in Twitter format—not a character more than one-forty.


It is all about Katniss; but it is strange to watch this with one of the only people in the world who hasn't read the book. Can you imagine that?


A man—increasingly stubbled—chases a girl through his mind, Iceland and Afghanistan (all beautifully shot). But all along, she was where he left her.

List_Addict               Irene
#damned by Chuck Palahniuk

Killed by ... can't tell you: a 13yo girl, damned to hell, (re)makes herself powerful with her Breakfast Club buddies. Or does she? What do we control?

#allthatiam by Anna Funder

The best friend and the lover of a Nazi resistance campaigner alternate the t…

Day 330: On a Scale of One to Ten, Eleven

I know you all know I am a nerd, but I have a nerd-denial/nerd-pride thing going on and am often too close to see my true nerd level on a scale of one to ten (seven million book- and word-related posts notwithstanding). Today's travel photo highlights several levels for me in right-there technicolour undeniability. Let's explore.

Badminton. It is not just that we take the badminton racquets away with us on holidays. It's that there have to be photos. Is that nerdy—or is it merely a continuation of the need to Instagram everything, even if things are done only for the sake of Instagramming them? Badminton is ace! All that is required is two racquets, a shuttlecock and an absence of wind. You can play anywhere. And it begins with the letter 'b'. I said to B—— yesterday that I don't do themes (like 'Clearing the Closet' or 'What I Thrifted in the States' or the upcoming 'Tequila Mockingbird Inspired' or 'S/S 2014' challenges, a.…

Day 329: Going Back

I cannot believe I am still telling you about my so-two-months-ago holiday! You do know that blogging is really just a diary you don't have to write by hand. That it is a way of storing knowledge about yourself that doesn't take up space in your house. Well, okay, maybe, for some people, it is about promoting businesses, or helping people, or getting rich, or famous. But for me it's an alzheimer insurance policy and a freeing-up of internal real estate. And so while reminiscing about a two month old holiday serves no useful purpose for society, it is awfully handy for me.

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This day was all about driving. We were quickly running out of time to make it back to Vegas for the end of our car hire, and there were lots of kilometers to cover, so we drove, and drove, and drove. Destination: El Paso, Texas. I had been there before when B—— and I visited for the sole purpose of entering Mexico across the Rio Grande. Like they do in the movies. Altho…