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Day 31: Rain Ends the Month

Day 30: Do You Wonder If You're On Google Maps

Day 29: Home

Day 28: These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Day 27: Have You Met Lollii?

Day 26: Oz Day

Day 25: The Dude Who Read

Day 24: Call Out to Builders, Lawyers or Just Decent Humans

Day 23: Eight-Teddy-Bear-Biscuits Blue

Day 22: Brevity

Day 21: She Wore Blue Velvet. Or Denim.

Day 20: High Tea

Day 19: With a Little Understanding, You Can Find the Perfect Blend

Day 18: Schweppervescence ... ppsshhhhhhhh!

Day 17: Arriba, Abajo, Al Centro, Adentro

Day 16: A Cautionary Tail

Day 15: Call 911: I've Broken a Nail!

Day 14: How To Plan Everything You Do Ever!

Wear 13: Raisins are Not Right - Especially When You Cook Them

Wear 12: Riding Along on my Bicycle Honey

Wear 11: In Honour of Alexander McQueen

Wear 10: Then You Must Cut Down the Mightiest Tree in the Forest ... with a Herring!

Wear 9: So You Think You Can Dance, Dance, Dance

Wear 8: 'Cor, Blimey!

Wear 7: Big, Bad Monsters and Voices