Day 18: Schweppervescence ... ppsshhhhhhhh!

Alright. Let's have the Jack Reacher conversation. I'm going to have to admit that, beside my reservations ... Goddamn, this is hard to say. Okay. Here it is: I think Tom did an okay job. We played the game where you work out who else could have played the part. I said Ralph Fiennes; V—— said Ray Ramano. Maybe I haven't read enough books to be eligible to make the call (one). You may have a different opinion. But it mainly gets down to height, doesn't it. When you have seen the movie let me know one thing. Is it me, or during the scene where he first walks into a bar, the one where the girl with the red lips and the curly hair talks to him, have they done something to the angle, to the other actors, to his shoes? Does he or does he not look taller than everyone there—until he gets outside again! Tell me if I am wrong.

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The Schweppes ad at the movies is arguably one of the most beautiful things on the planet. I bought a pair of shoes because they reminded me of that ad. I'll point them out when they make it on here. I am mesmerised everytime I see it. I am susceptible to suggestion—I try a lot of 'new' products and I think I would hypnotise well. I don't necessarily want soft drink when I see this though—sorry Schweppes. But ... Oh, I can't explain. The slo-mo, the music, the laughing and the glitter. It is the cinematographer's ad maybe. Academy-worthy. Just saying.

The Outfit
Shirt: Op-shopped
Pants: PJ bottoms, completely see-thru, that I bought I-don't-know-where, I-don't-know-when and have never worn before today
Necklace: Diva, Equip or Lovisa
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Bambino' (my favourite, favourite ever, but completely unwearable. They are like being en-pointe, they have been chewed up by Lollii and repaired and they have lost another button with me trying to force them closed over my ankle. I can't even walk to the back yard with them on. But I love them with most of my soul!)

Who wore it better?


  1. Yes I really enjoy the Schweppes Commercial, to me it reinforces the ephemeral nature of life and clearly illustrates that life is a Verb not a noun. Everything is constantly changing, nothing remains static. Life is a flux. Is this too D&M?

  2. For you, my love, not D&M enought :)

  3. Is that the one with the water balloons and the people at a pub/party? That one won the Oscars equivalent for ads and was made by Russell from Gruen Transfer, who I have grown to prefer over Todd (there, I said it) because he doesn't believe people are stupid.

  4. How do you find something new to wear everyday???

  5. Isabella: I hear you re Russell. It is like saying you like a polititian that everyone thinks is terrible.

    Jo: It is a little obscene I know. But that is the financial advantage of op-shopping. There is however no space or storage advantage!


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