Day 17: Arriba, Abajo, Al Centro, Adentro

My Theory: Tennis makes the weather unbearable. If there was no Melbourne Open, then we would have a lovely mild summer rather than this thirty degrees (eighty-six for the old schoolers) of temperature at one am!! Think back to every Melbourne Open ever and what do you recall? Hot, arrogant tennis players sweating. A lot. I think it is the blueness of the court. It mucks with the stratosphere and the hot air gathered in the middle of Australia. Ban the tennis! Lets start a petition. We the undersigned ...


Irene in her hall. She's a little like Harry but she doesnt even get a cupboard under the stairs. The sign says 'The groove is the hall'. The commonly misconstrued Deee-Lite lyrics are memories of a trip to Spain. As they would be, of course.


No, I am holding the chair up. Above is what a flat-out twelve hour shift undertaken on a handful of nuts, a small piece of fruit cake and three coffees (two of which were simultaneous), followed by nachos, two margaritas and a Mexican coffee does to you. Okay. No excuses. I am just a cheap date.

Thank you to my lovely guest photographer, J—— for taking the challenge of todays shoot!

The Outfit
Dress: op-shopped
Jacket: op-shopped
Bracelet: Black Tourmaline. I wear it to try and make horrible things not happen on my channel. I don't think it does that, but it does make horrible things seem easier to handle. Sometimes.
Shoes: Siren Shoes

Who wore it better?


  1. Did you know the Court surface colour at the Australian Open at one time was Green! A bit of trivia for you. I also subscribe to the theory that the horrid noise generated from The Grand Prix has something to do with the Heat. How about we ban that also? 22 Degrees Celsius everyday will do me just fine.

  2. I love that you actually painted "groove is in the hall" down your hall.


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