Wear 11: In Honour of Alexander McQueen

Night shift. Friday night. One day short of a full moon. I, possibly to your great joy, have not got time for many words today and so pictures are all you are getting!Phew.

List_Addict               Irene

A homage to Alexander McQueen and his red tartan periods—1995-6 and 2006-7. A little bit of steampunk mixed in. The Belt is B——'s. She stated she felt like a handmaiden helping to get it on. It was corsetry. Had to take it off to reach my shoes. Once I had re-applied its restrictive girth she then told me it wasn't centred. I think I have permanently moved one of my lungs in trying to centre it. Wow! For saying nothing I sure get a few words in. It was a puppy filled shoot today. I think she was wandering what the hell I was doing with my manga/super hero modelling inspiration. Me out.

The Outfit
Dress: op-shopped personal favourite
Tutu: Sock Dreams
Tights: Around forever
Cuff, Collar and Belt: Borrowed, bought and gifted
Boots: Dr Martens

Who wore it better?


  1. A Picture speaks a trillion Words, Lovely indeed!

  2. You mean the one with Lollii's satisfied grin? Totally agree :}


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