Wear 9: So You Think You Can Dance, Dance, Dance

Ours is the cult of Personality. In the lift my friend told me he had voted for Irene. Indignantly I asked why‽(Note the interrobang (the symbol not showing up at the end of that question on most appliances)—a mix of question mark and exclamation mark that denotes a question asked in an excited or disbelieving way: I Wikipedia'd that explanation) Every day I think Irene looks much nicer. And her beauty and the way clothes look amazing on her does not translate adequately in film. But I get to thinking that quirkiness and story and enthusiasm—a strange, but nevertheless, existent form of 'personality'—will help me stay on top of the leaderboard. My friend essentially explained that Irene looked like a person modelling clothes should. If So You Think You Can Dance, Dance, Dance teaches us anything, apart from the inadequecies we hold in the ability to do a Grand Jeté (personally speaking that is), it is that ability doesn't matter, but personality does. Look at Cyrus. What do you mean you don't know who Cyrus is? Or should that be-‽ There are three men left in the competition to find America's Favourite Dancer. Note the word favourite, it's important. Stay with me. Favourite, not best! Two men are stunningly beautiful dancers. Exquisite even. The third is an animator/popper/robotic dancer, which is, for you who may not know, a kind of 'breakdancing' which is jerky, very quick and amazing, but no match for the breadth, skill and beauty of the other two dancers. Who does America keep? The animator. Why? Because he has personality. In bucketloads. People should vote for Irene (you don't have to take this literally, coz I get sensitive, but, you know, I am not trying to sway you one way or the other with guilt). They should vote for her because she does what she does well. I can't compete with that. But I do have daftness and in some way maybe that is my 'personality' and it will hopefully win the day for me as well as Cyrus‽

Irene               List_Addict

Sorry Irene. It is not all about winning and losing, but it is hard to do this together and not become arch-nemeses. I think nemeses, especially the arch kind, are under-rated anyway.

The theme today is Urban Jungle. Can you tell? The yellow hiking boots. The camouflage jacket. The under-cover black-ops make-up. Do you think this is becoming a costume drama rather than a fashion blog? Your input is greatly appreciated. Tell me what you'd rather see.

The Outfit
Dress: op-shopped (ex-Kmart)
Jacket: op-shopped (ex-Country Road)
Tights: gifted
Boots: Swedish Hasbeens

Who wore it better?


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