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Day 342: A Tangled Web We Weave

Eek! These photos are from before I went away. I must have been channelling some deluded idea of haute couture at the time. I was reading On The Daily Express the other day (here and here) where Gina had gathered together a group of other bloggers from around the States—one from each time zone—and done a survey about trending looks. Essentially she asked each blogger about a series of trends (crop tops, rompers, jean styles, Birkenstocks, etc) and whether these trends translated to the street in their area. Often they didn't. What is fashion? An elite group of designers who make clothes that only a small percentage of people can afford or wear? An enormous group of retailers, advertisers and marketers who push a quick-turnover must-do look in order to sell, sell, sell? Or one person—you—deciding what to wear when you wake up today?

Irene               List_Addict
I am sure I am not the first person to riddle-me-this, but tell me, if you can, why doesn't the fashion industry…

Day 345: Keeping Me Busy

Oops. I think I got 'blog three times a week' and 'blog every three weeks' mixed up. Here's what is keeping me away from the written word:

The Tour. De France. My one and only sporting go-to. I couldn't gives a fiddle about World Cup soccer or the upcoming Commonwealth Games (unless there is going to be diving, gymnastics, synchronised swimming or ice skating). But the tour will keep me up well, well beyond bedtime—and I am talking about my bedtime, which is well, well beyond anybody else's bedtime. How good was the day with the cobblestones? Sensational riding—they still averaged out at a ridiculous amount of kilometers an hour and came over the line looking like they had just finished Tough Mudder. A tough Mudder would probably have been easier. Talk all you like about drugs in the Tour de France, there are some who don't indulge—I am convinced. You can see it in their faces. And what they do is incredible. Plus there's the scenery.

The flu…