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Day 309: Normcore and Bookpiles

Firstly, my look? I was going for 'normcore'. This outfit looks like many 'normcore' images you see, but the definition of the style is more elusive. According to Wikipedia (yes, I am being lazy), it is a 'reaction to hipster culture', and refers to an 'understated, nondescript style', and an attempt to 'fit in rather than stand out'. This outfit would fit in in some of our western suburbs, but in Blogland it certainly doesn't: I would need a full skirt, a graphic t-, some killer heels and a statement necklace. So is this 'normcore' after all? Or just radically fashionable and haute?

It has been too long since I joined up with the amazing readers Christine and Taylor, and their co-host this month, Cassie, for a long satisfying chat about books. AKA: Literary Junkies. Here's what's been happening in my book pile:

Q: What are you reading right now? Tell us about it!

A: 'The Pile'—my notorious bedside shambles of a …

Day 339: Crossing Things Off

In seven shifts and twelve hours of working time, plus a few days off, I am heading overseas for a hiking holiday. A continuation of a journey: Land's End to John O'Groats. I need to get some things. It's always best to make a list. And cross it off.

Fabric for a Brownie Uniform: my hikes have 'B' based themesFabric for a Brownie SmockSundries for sewing a Brownie uniform and a Brownie smockSewing in progress as we speak!Brownie badges: only ones whose skills I can justifiably say I possess Handcrafts, Traveller, Literary Arts, Camp Craft, Communications, Emergency, Weather: I am skilled in all of those, and if you are questioning the last, I am a signed-up and paid-up active member of the Cloud Collectors communityAn orange tie: to wear with my Brownie outfits Gifted from my boyA white shirt: dittoA brown beanieGlovesBlack, not white like Brownies, but, hey, white is a nightmare on a hike!Wool SocksSome bought, some gifted—Thanks B——UndiesCargo PantsWell, okay, I…

Day 338: Where's My 'Jo?

I've lost my mojo. I don't breathe to blog anymore, and I don't know how to get that back. When I started this blog fifteen months ago, I had two things in mind: it would be easy and simple, just a photo a day and we're all done and onto other things that need doing; and; it'll just be for a year. Neither of those things turned out to be true. As all of you out there who 'fashion' blog know, 'just a photo a day and then you're all done' is actually a long, protracted task involving deciding, styling, ironing, location sourcing, photographing (aided or solo), photo editing, computer programming, labelling, copywriting and marketing. And from the get-go I started 'writing' too. And it was the writing I fell in love with. Too much for most people to read probably (the blog-reading public seems mostly to be about looking at pictures), but I loved the pressure to find something to write about everyday. It was good discipline. I also went sho…

Day 308: How Darby Thinks?

Don't you wonder how dogs think? When it comes to Mr Darby Pickles, I think it runs something like this:

Sneaker Thoughts:

Darby: Mmm. Why did V—— come to visit me and then lie down and nap with Charlie? Shouldn't he be playing with me, feeding me treats, taking me for a walk and then sitting on the couch so I can lick his face for a solid ten minutes every twenty minutes, or whenever he talks about Lollii? I will take his sneaker outside.

Negotiates a size eleven sneaker through a size seven dog-door.

Darby: This looks odd by itself. I'll get the other one.

Negotiates another size eleven sneaker through a size seven dog-door.

Darby: The humans are still sleeping. These sneakers smell good. I will eat them seeing as they are already here. Mmm. Tasty insteps. Just like a face, only feetier.

List_Addict               Irene
Compass Points:

Darby: There is no one here whose face I can lick for ten minutes every twenty minutes, or if they talk about Lollii. I'm going to l…