Day 281: Blah, Blah, Vampire Emergency, Blah

One day I am going to start watching this amazing show called Breaking Bad. It's meant to be really good. My sister is a chemist (not a pharmacist) and she tells me it is chemically accurate, amongst other good attributes. Do you remember that very first episode of Malcolm in the Middle where the mum is cutting dad's back hair in the kitchen. It set the scene for such fabulous wrongness. I am intrigued with Bryan Cranston's ability to portray two such disparate characters. But in the mean time I have started, with the boy, watching this little number called True Blood. It is about a place in the sweaty south calls Bon Temps ... Sorry? What do you mean they have both been around for, like, ever? And everyone already knows all about them? Really? I guess I am a little behind the times. Possibly so behind that I am in front. I'm doing True Blood: The Revival. What about The Blacklist then? Am I behind if I just started watching that too?

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But in all seriousness, we're loving Bon Temps and it's wacky characters and vampires. I started reading the books too (I call them the 'Sookie Bookies') and the series seems a very accurate adaptation so far—except that you only get that first person perspective and not such an insight into the other characters away from Sookie's perception. The other drawback there is from watching the show and then reading the book is that you end up reading in accent, which is a weird thing when you are not doing it aloud—it's not often that your brain speaks in a different voice. It's a little bit disconcerting—like that time my brain spoke German. I haven't been so excited about a show since Buffy. And Dexter. And American Horror Story. The boy has purchased many series' on blue ray so we're just working our way through. Do you all love it too? Or is it so last season?

And then there is The Blacklist. I'm of mixed opinion at the moment. As I explained here, my silly work schedule is mucking up my serious watching schedule and so I have only seen an episode or two of the show. At first it looked intriguing, but now I am a little unsure. There are some continuity issues I am having trouble with. Why do they keep putting him in that sliding room, chained to a seat (surely a non-humane or even non-legal way of keeping someone incarcerated, but that is a whole different kettle of fish) because he is so über dangerous, but as soon as he delivers a mysterious morsel of information about a person on the Blacklist, they let him wander around the control room and parts of the country with no restrictions. It also seems a little over-acted at times. I am going to get the series anyway and give it more of a go, but I do hope the stories start to entertain more than the unbelievables annoy.

Are you watching anything exciting?

The Outfit
Clearing the Closet: It’s time to go sublimely soft but falling apart chambray shirt
Shirt (eliminated): Op-shopped
Vest: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped (dress)
Necklace (as headpiece): Lovisa
Shoes: Bali Market Stall

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. Breaking Bad is awesome! A show that delivers to the very last minute. The show's writer and creator Vince Gilligan was offered $75 million to make three more episodes but he stuck with his long term vision of the show and declined the offer. As such, the show is faithful to the end.

    Watching The Newsroom. Have a small but growing crush on Jeff Daniels - yep the less famous of the Dumb and Dumber duo. Another amazing transformation from one character to another. Still love Joe Carroll the most though.

    Recommend both to you and the V.


  2. I never saw Breaking Bad either, but heard the it's over and people lost their minds - lol. I love this outfit on you and I hopped over from Thrifters Anonymous.

  3. I too like you tried to watch The Blacklist. By episode 2 or 3 I'd had it. B-O-R-I-N-G. Also…I don't find the woman to be one bit believable or even a remotely good actress.

    I watched some 3-5 seasons I believe of True Blood. Enjoy seasons 1 & 2 because it gets pretty stupid after that. The only thing that kept me watching was Eric. And obviously if you've seen episodes I won't need to explain why.

    Best show I've ever watched is Breaking Bad. Right from episode 1 it has you hooked. The characters are incredible and the writing takes you to places you could never guess. I am missing it but I know they did the right thing ending it.

    I hated how Dexter ended. That was just dumb and dumber. Obviously at some time someone wants him to come back. It would have been much better had they ended it with him on the boat gone into the storm. Greed can really ruin some good storylines.

    I love MadMen but that isn't on right now so we've started watching The Master's of Sex. So far I really like it but I'm drawn to that time period, late 50's early 60's.



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