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Day 267: Things Meandering Through The Grey Cells

I keep dreaming of building houses. Amazing labyrinthic houses with (reading) nooks and hidden rooms, secret doors and cellars, vistas off the end of long patios, fireplaces standing alone in the middle of rooms. The hidden room one nearly had me up with a pencil and paper to work it out—hexagonal, multi-level, with a reading/sleeping platform close to the glass roof so you can watch the stars. Have I been thinking/reading/seeing too many lighthouses lately? I need that room. Maybe it's a sign; maybe it's time.

Because of the last, I have started carrying around, in electric format, the following copy-and-pasteable list: olinda; monbulk; selby; tecoma; kallista; menzies creek; emerald; montrose; seville; wandin south; mount evelyn. I think I am in some fantasy coma. I keep plugging that list into real estate websites to see what comes out the other end. For people who don't know, those are the names of some places where I might concievably (a) be able to afford land to build this fantasy house, and (b) like to live, even though they are miles from the sea, and from work, and even though Tecoma has a McDonalds and an Outlawed Motorcycle Club!

List_Addict               Irene

I'll probably get kicked out of blog-club for this, and I don't want to sound nasty (like a sour-grapes b*%@h, for example), but I'm a little over Fall. And I am not even in Fall. I don't live where it is Fall and we don't have Fall even when we do. It's Autumn. Not now, but later. But it seems to be all anyone is talking about in blogland (I am guessing it's mostly those who get paid to talk about the new buying season. Surely?). But what I find oddest is that amongst all these people 'transitioning' into Fall, most seem to premise each 'Fall' post with something along the lines of 'it's too hot to wear this yet, but it's what I would wear if the weather was changing'. Why don't you just wear what you want to and 'transition' when the weather decides to catch up on the arbitrary demarkation of seasons we give to it? Just wondering. Like a b*%@h wonders. (I'm probably not even in blog-club anyway.)

And lastly, you know how the big 'They' say that there is always someone better off than you, and always someone worse off. I was thinking. While there may be many, many of us on the planet, our number is still finite. This linear thinking of better and worse implies, then, that somewhere along the line, there will be a person at either end. What are their lives like? The person for whom there is no person in a better off position, and the person for whom there is no worse? I suppose what saves this from happening is that what makes something better or worse is purely personal. We will always be in the middle of our own line because the nature of subjectivity means that we never really share a line, no matter how empathetic we may be. And at that point the grey matter decides to watch the Simpsons and stop thinking ...

The Outfit
Tag-in, Tag-out Project in play, with one item each day carried to the next
Top (Tag-out): Op-shopped
Jacket: Retail, I think (can't remember)
Skirt (Tag-in): Op-shopped
Socks and 'Good for Nothing Student' Badge: Gifted by two friends
Boots: Swedish Hasbeens

Photographer de Jour: Moi

Who wore it better?

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  1. That last paragraph has got me thinking...too much. You must not sleep well at night thinking about such things.

    And should stop by my blog and see what fabulous transition outfits I have on for Fall (not Autumn...that is so very British) . Very avant guard and's called a sweater.

    And just to really bug you I will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving ; ) from Canada. You know it's the perfect way to greet Spring.

    I do love that wild skirt and those boots. And what about those Ronald McDonald stockings? Fabulous.


  2. That last paragraph is thought provoking and so true - the exact reason we should not compare our wellbeing with anyone else - and yet we do.

    Mmmm - love food for thought



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