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Day 354: Missing It, Missing Out. Five.

I spent a small fortune today. Okay. I'm being modest. It was a medium sized fortune.

I went to Target for thermal leggings (it's winter here in the Antipodes—or it will be in two days time). No thermal leggings. But I did get white jeans. What! One, they're white! Two, it's winter! Everyone knows you can't wear white after Anzac Day. I've made up the Southern Hemisphere version of the rule. But I won't obey it. Always seemed like a silly rule. I know I have a shoe problem (that is pair number five down there in the pictures: had them for ages, boring in comparison to some, useful in comparison to others), but I now realise I have a jeans problem too. I buy them all the time. But I hate trying them on and they never seem to fit properly. It is a disease I can't get antibiotics for.

I also bought running gear. Phaa-phh! What! I think the running gear and another purchase you will hear about later are in the 'build it and they will come' category of shopping. Maybe if I have the running gear, I will run. Maybe if I have the other thing, I will use it for what it is intended for. Actually, if you are reading this, the latter has worked. I haven't been running. Not yet. Or yet. Nope. Still no running. We'll keep tabs on that one.

The next expense was very unusual. I went to a medical professional. I don't do medical professionals. What's the pass rate for a medical degree? If it is anything less than one hundred percent—which I am fairly sure it is—I don't trust them to not have the missing percentage pertaining to whatever it is I have. I am just as capable of Googling a diagnoses as they are, so why have a middle man is my theory. But today I went to an optometrist. And then I bought a pair each of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Turns out I am not as blind as I thought I was. And I don't have a weird, vertical, straight line of blindness in my right eye that the rest of the eye tries to compensate for when I am reading at three in the morning. I think it is just tiredness. But the immediate future—especially when I look up from a computer or a book and look at it directly—is fairly fuzzy. In seven to ten working days, it won't be anymore.

The thing that took the fortune from small to medium was the Macbook Air I am currently speaking to you from. It is my first Mac—or non i-Something Apple product at any rate. It is the other 'building' item I was talking about earlier. My hope is that a lovely new computer will get me writing again. And so far, if you are seeing this still, it is working. If you are back again reading something else in a couple of days, a couple of weeks, maybe months, then it really is working.

I miss the writing. I have written here at Fur Earwig about losing the blogging impetus a few times. What other forum allows you to write whatever you like, whenever you like and put it out there for what you imagine will be the world to see. (In reality it will only be someone who googles MacBooks and thermal underwear together—but let's not over-analyse!) Two opportunities came my way recently. Writing opportunities. Nothing fancy. I wasn't about to become an über blogger, or the sixth writer in Australia who earns a living now that Bryce Courtney has opened a space with his passing. I realised that not writing my blog is actually worse than writing it in an unexpected way. Writing is all about social media now. By not writing my blog I had lost my footprint. I was ashamed to apply for one opportunity (writing posts for Book Riot), and applied for the other (writing a number of travel related posts for TID) with fingers crossed, because it has been a while since I had posted anything. I didn't expect to feel that way.

My hiatus relates to the fashion, and the angle or point of difference of the blog being misplaced. Not the writing. And long time persisters followers know the writing and the fashion co-exist here like the Oscar Madison and Felix Unger. Writing is all about social media, but social media is all about images. The fashion (I'm going to call it that even if you are looking at the pictures and saying 'ummm, that isn't fashionable?' because we all know that a-fashion is the fashion right now) is the hook. If someone comes here for the pictures I will think they are here for the writing, and in a way that is enough.

So I will head out onto my balcony in strange outfits and speak to my camera so that it takes pictures of me. I will get back into getting dressed—maybe a big cleanup is required, followed by some serious op-shopping. I will edit and collate and paste photos. All so I can write about things absolutely not related to anything you see in the image, but write anyway. I miss it.

P.S: This outfit and the accompanying photos of pools and sunsets were taken last October when V—— and I visited Koh Samui. It is a visual idea of the extent of what we did there. Nothing! Well nothing that didn't involve pools, lounging and pink coloured alcoholic beverages. I'd tell you about the trip, but it relates too closely to the images and I think I have exceeded the word count!

The Outfit
Kaftan: Op-shopped
Stuffed Patchwork Dog: Mantra Samui Resort
Shoes: Myers

Photographer de Jour: V——

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  1. So happy to see you back! : ) And wearing a glorious dress/cover-up thingy. (My use of the English language is simply awe inspiring.)

    I've missed your humour.

    I'm with you on the whole medical professionals. They are guessing 90% of the time. I'd have better luck putting diseases on a roulette table for a diagnosis.

    How are you enjoying your new house?

    Keep the writing coming!


  2. Oh, there you are, looking magnificent in that kaftan thingy (it's Canadian language, like Suzanne). Yes, not wanting it and then missing it. It's good to see you back. Like style, the writing and the images do not have to be matchy matchy. because we are gods when it comes to our own blogs. Heh.

  3. You make the World a better place with your magical presence. Xox


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