Wear 48: I Go Out Walking After Dark and Reminiscing

I learned a new word today. It snuck itself into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Yay, for kindle and instant meaning gratification. Exiguous. It means very small in size or amount. In a sentence: The volume of my love for this weather is the very opposite of exiguous. This is the weather that is going to start to make people do more than usual horrid things. This is the weather that increases the visible gap between the haves and the have-nots where what is had is an air-conditioner. It isn't healthy. And I am not just talking about mould. Although it is good for washing, stiff, bend-me-and-I'll-break washing. It is the weather of sepia coloured memories too. Of summers past. Of the smell of burnt chocolate and orange Prima when we emigrated. Of grass so dry it is like walking on splinters. Of towels on hot leather car seats. And it always ends with large, dusty, slow falling raindrops smacking the pavement. Oh, roll on those raindrops. I cannot wait.

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Working shifts makes it hard to remember things like weekends, public holidays and post- and ante meridiems. You can only tell if those thing occur by two things: the number of people around when you venture, eventually, outside of your house (more on weekends, fewer on weekdays), and, your wages (more if you just worked one, less if you didn't). It would be bizarre to go back to only having those two days off every week. And the inevitable moaning Sunday night as Monday morning looms large and spoil-sport-ery in the near future. But enough talk. Today we co-incide again and Monday moaning looms for me too. I love my alarm clock and its passive-aggressive honesty. I have just set it and it has let me know that the alarm is set for five hours and fourteen minutes from now. And there is food prep, showering, bedtime coffee and reading still to happen. I leave you. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

The Outfit
Dress: Retail, at least a thousand years ago
Shirt: Op-shopped on our most recent trip
Bracelets: Cheap and cheerful jewellery store evrywhere
Hat: K-Mart, Tamworth, during the Country Music Festival
Photographer: B——

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  1. love a black simple dress! perfect for many occasions!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting! And a linen one is perfect for a hot, hot day!

  2. Love the black dress. Classic color and lines.

  3. I really don't fancy Hot Weather, to be precise anything above 22 Celsius/71.6 Fahrenheit is truly oppressive conditions in my humble opinion.
    I could easily live at the South Pole. I have come to the conclusion that List Addict is somewhat Photogenic!


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