Day 41: All Ins are Out

That is how fickle the fashion industry is—the All In trend lasted only a week! Or, rather, that is how fickle my wardrobe is. I could possibly have kept going with All in Black for a while—it being Melbourne and all—but I'll save that for another themed week.

The number forty-one is a lot less exciting. Maybe because I fell asleep on the couch and now it is a bed-calling three-thirty am and nothing seems exciting. The best forty-one can do is be the international dialling code for Switzerland, and use the word cloture* and filibuster** in the same sentence as it is the number of members the US Senate requires to avoid a vote of the former kind and sustain the latter indefinitely.

Because I didn't know either:
* A procedure for ending a debate and taking a vote
** An action, in legislature, which obstructs progress in a legislative assembly, but in a technically non-contravening way, like talking for an inordinate amount of time. You ever watch Parliament? Yeah, like that.

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Do you think you have fashion or style? Being a majority op-shopper (thrift-store-er for our Northern Hemisphere readers), I don't think 'fashion' is what I do at all. I can sometimes style towards a fashion, like going to Malaysia from Australia via Tahiti is 'Going Towards' tri-cuisine culture and the Petronas Towers. But I am equally unsure of whether I do anything like style. B—— does. Even V—— does in his own way. Me? I am all over the shop. Going by my Pinterest board, What's My Style?, it would seem to be tutus, diaphanous fabrics, socks with high heels, and corsetry. Just hopefully not all in the same outfit. Todays outfit is a dress I made from the bottom of a sixties thrifted dress and an old t-shirt. It was at a great-day-out that Bern and I had a couple of years ago that included a sewing class at The Social Studio, an amazing place that provides training, social support and community for people from refugee backgrounds. Amongst the many things they do, they up-cycle and reclaim fabric from a number of sources to teach fashion and to create their own label, TSS. You can take a class where you bring in items of yours that you want to re-style, and they show you how. It also has great coffee and a lovely cafe. Check it out. It is awesome! And all for good cause and reason. Unfortunately I don't feel comfy in the outfit I made. This is the first time I have worn it since I made it. I am not sure if it is my 'style'. Do you think you can pinpoint your style? Let me know.

The Outfit
Dress: Made by me from an Op-shopped dress and a retail t-shirt top
Gloves: gifted for my Boxing classes (currently unattended)
Necklace and bracelets: Cheap and cheerful jewellery store somewhere
Shoes: Myers
Photographer: B——

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  1. Now the Question.
    Is it stylish fashion? Or
    Fashionable Style?
    Another great Picture, well done B~


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