Day 45: In Preparation

At midnight the messengers of Cupid came around the control room floor (sounds exciting you say, what does she, or they, control? Answer? The short one? Chaos. But maybe not well) and left valentines cards for everyone with an egg (caramel). Then the Significant Other gave me my present (unexpected). A copy of Paranormal Activity Four. Romantic? We can be scared witless together by small children rocking in the corner of a yard as a clock counts through the night. And then I thought it was all over. Ten past midnight. But it turns out Valentines Day goes all day.

List_Addict               Irene

I slept through most of it, and now I am getting ready for tomorrow. Op-shop outing! Translation: Thrift store outing! OMG. So excited. I have so far found one thing that I am maybe done with, and can take back to donate. I then only have to find room for three bizillion, four hundred and eighty two gridillion, seven hundred .... etc things that I find tomorrow to come home and be my new clothing friends. The math will not work, but this is no time for logic, my brain is too full of excitement. I have been quite thorough in my clearing process and have rediscovered some amazing things waiting for my imminent weight loss. You've heard me prattle on about this before, I am sure. But this time I am contractually bound to succeed. Pfffft! Oops, spat out my cordial saying that. Oops. Is cordial allowed on the contract? It was in the house prior to the signing of the agreement so I would say yes. I am just not allowed to purchase any new bad stuff. And I didn't have pastries at the end of my buffet breakfast this morning. And even the local take-out is assisting. When I got my meal tonight (very romantic take-out for one for dinner on this most special of days; yeah, I know, but I am allergic to supermarket shopping and so often forget to do it), they didn't include any prawn crackers. According to the calorie counter that has saved me four hundred calories. Thanks Cafe Ho Chi Minh!

Wish us luck! I am doing this for you. I don't want to have to repeat an outfit. It is pure selflessness. Oops, there goes the cordial again.

The Outfit
Singlet: Target
Bed Jacket: op-shopped
Skirt: Handed-Up from my Sis
Black Heart: Handmade
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Oh Matron'
Photographer: B——

Who wore it better?


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