Day 47: Blue and Green Should Never Be Out In Public Together

Why? You'll have to tell me. My internet is all used up with five days to go until the next billing round so I can't Google, I can't look at all your blogs, I can't find a link-up for Saturdays, I can't research and I can't start trying supermarket shopping on-line. It isn't one of those plans that just stops all access. No, it is much more torturous than that. It gives you the internet at the speed of slugs. You keep trying to do stuff and the little whirly bits go round and round but the only thing that happens is your head hitting the keyboard in a repeated bashing action. Five days is eternity. It makes me almost—just almost, not all the way—glad to be going in to work tomorrow. It is sad.

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This heat wave is killing me. I haven't been able to do anything because moving results in rivers of sweat. Or rivers of glowing if I want to seem more feminine. Can you believe I haven't even been cool enough yet to try on my new purchases. Well, except for three things, one of which features in today's shoot. Normally, when we go to Savers we find a spot in the furniture department where there is a mirrored cupboard or a sofa we can prop a mirror up onto, and then we try things on over and under what we are already wearing. It makes trying-on more fun. I don't do changing rooms. They're small and crowded and hot and their mirrors are conspiratorial. As a result, yesterday's foray into small op-shops with no furniture department (and no trolleys, can you believe it) meant that it was buy before you try. The other two items have already been relegated to the lose-a-bit-of-weight boxes. The rest, we'll have to wait and see. It is apparently going to get cooler sometime next millenium! Why couldn't I have been North European. I'd take northern Russia even. Or a yurt somewhere. Then I possibly may not even know what the internet is. That would be good: chilly and chilled.

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped (on yesterday's trip)
Skirt: Retail, from one of those shops that sells all sorts of prom and black-tie outfits
Necklace: Cheap and cheerful jewellery store somewhere
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Love Bug'
Photographer de Jour: B——

Who wore it better?


  1. So it is 2013, we are living in an era of technological change that is progressing at an exponential rate. Faster than one trillionth of an Atto second. (now that is fast) It is the realm of constant updates that require installment, smart phones with dumb batteries. The reality is once we have availed ourselves of all this modern 'whiz bang' Stuff then there is no turning back. The bottom line> the only thing more frustrating than Computers, the Internet, smart devices is not having access to them.


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