Day 40: All Biblical in Denim

I always feel biblical when I get to the number forty. Sunday School obviously did have some sort of influence. But only in a vague sort of way, forty days in the desert and so forth. So I googled 'forty'. Man, I love Google. How on earth did we find out any of this amazing irrelevant and absurd information before it. Wikipedia, the people's encyclopedia (that is, as unreliable, as fickle, as passionately delusional as 'the people'), has a whole article on the number forty. Well all of the numbers actually. Forty's article does come with a warning that it contains 'excessive, poor or irrelevant examples'. Splendid. They are the best examples. There are lots of religious fortys, but I realised that forty was so much more than that. Forty is the only number which, when spelled out, is in alphabetical order. Cool, eh? It is apparently semi-perfect because you can use some of its divisors to add up to it: 1,4,5,10,20 all timesed by something come to forty, but add them up. Huh, huh, see. Forty. And minus forty is the only time celcius and fahrenheit are the same temperature. Really, and literally, cool. And if that is not enough, it is also how long it takes to make a human baby in weeks, it's the number of hours we are usually chained to the boss (arguably, if we're lucky!) and the number of spaces on the Monopoly board. It all makes post number forty a semiperfect, pass-Go-collect-two-hundred-dollars, alphabetically orderly celebration! Happy day.

Irene               List_Addict

Aside: I am technologically freaked-out (again). I sent an email. Okay, a blatant blog-plug in the form of an email if you think exact is the better thing to be. I had written something like this in it: Below I have attached a link for the blog in which I wrote about you (in the hope that you would want to sponsor my writing-on-the-Internet career). And then copy and pasted the blog-link. When I hit the send button, g-mail came back to me with this: You said you were attaching something, but it seems you don't have an attachment in your [blatant blog plug in guise of email]—have you forgotten to add it? WHAT!! Why are you reading my emails g-mail. That is just invasive.

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped
Canadian Tuxedo: Op-shopped Top and K-Mart bottom
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Visionary Viper' (my arguably whackiest pair; yes, those are toys encased in a plastic outer covering on the sides of the boot; they usually don't leave the house without notice!)
Photographer: B—— (They're getting demanding; this one wants credit on an ongoing basis, the other will only work if there are bottles of Evian and caramel wafer biscuits in the green room.)

Who wore it better?


  1. I figured out where Irene is failing. The shoes maketh the outfit and poor irene has no feet.


    1. Or legs or a head. And she always has to wear my outfits. When I go to Vietnam and she has to fend for herself, she may be able to showcase a little of her own personality.

  2. Oh goodness, the shoes are crazy, amazing, messing-with-my-head gorgeous!!!!! xo


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