Day 36: All In White Like a Bride—Pppffff!!

Some random nuggets, like rabbit poops, from my brain today; nothing comprehensive:

If humans are essentially animals, why do they sing? It is an odd thing to do. How did they go from talking one day to singing the next? It is not like birds have talking voices and then decide to break out into song. And dancing? Odd. Music too. I know all the musicophiles will jump at me about the beauty and all that, but then, to you, the whole of art and aesthetics is weird. Humans are weird.

If it is your body talking to you when you are craving something salty, why is it bad when you crave something sweet? Like, always.

When I see seagulls I like to formally address them as 'Pigeon of the Sea'. My formalness belies the fact that I am trying to insult them. But then I feel bad for insulting pigeons. There are some nice pigeons. Insult-wise I am referring to the ones that gather in public places and end up with mutilated feet. It is like myna birds. They are terrible, and then you get this!

List_Addict               Irene

And some between-photo thoughts too:

We live on OD5. Road five on the over-dimensional route map for Melbourne. It is ace! It means we get oversized and overmass vehicles going past. Just as music and dance is odd, the ballet that is getting some of this stuff around is fascinating. The biggest load I ever saw was pulled by three semi-cabs, attached to each other, and pushed by a fourth. The VicRoads crew walked alongside it because it took so long to get around the corner. It is a huge project with all the traffic furniture being removed and the vehicles driving down the wrong side of the road. I find it beautiful and love to watch it from bed, through my window while alleviating my body-originating sugar cravings.

And, while we are talking about VicRoads. Um, purple flashing lights? No. Nothing says 'Emergency' like purple lights doesn't. Street party! Yes. Rave! Yep. Even, Clowns Approaching! But not Emergency! You will be more respected with generic yellow.

And to those who were asking, I believe (from gut feeling alone) that Irene's starsign is Cancer. So she doesn't have to go on diet.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Socks: Target
Earrings: Equip
Shoes: Cheapy Sandshoes from Thailand

Who wore it better?

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  1. Yah! First comment. this place is like bourke street.

    now I forgot what I was gonna say .... um um.

    oh yeah - always though dancing was weird. you go to a wedding and everyone gets up and moves around in a funny way and then sits done. weird.

    love the dress


  2. I don't think it's your body talking to you when you crave something salty, or rather it is you body talking to you, but it isn't necessarily asking for something salty, or sweet as the case may be. When in doubt eat something green.

    1. That's why I went for a lime milkshake the other day! We'll have to organise some guest photographer days. Although B is a little possessive of her role and likes to call it 'assistant' days :)))


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