Day 53: I'll Never Te-e-ell

Miracle. I just wore my outfit de jour to dinner. As the shoot approaches each day, I madly search for an outfit to wear. I choose something eventually, hopefully, and then look for a little extra za-za-ping to step it up a little way from ordinary. Today, for example, I added the socks. It is usually something a little out of my comfort zone. I was just recently prattling away on The Sartorialist about my love for socks and shoes being tempered by my thinking I look silly. So when it came to dinner time I didn't wear the socks (do you need me to go into my issues with the weather again? really?) but the rest was go-for-launch, extremely short skirt and all. The more usual thing is to drop back into the comfy clothes, like this, or this. Part of the point of this whole experiment should be to get me out in the street wearing what I wear on the net. Isn't it silly that I am more nervous to wear it down to my local shops than I am to put it up for the world to see. Maybe it is because I know that more people will actually see me on the street—the internet is actually to big to see anything, if you know what I mean.

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Remember I told you I got Paranormal Activity 4 for Valentine's Day? We watched it this evening. Why do I keep doing that? You sit through each vignette knowing exactly how they are setting you up for a terrible fright. It is like voluntarily going to the dentist and then waiting there, in the waiting room, as if that is a rational and normal thing to do—waiting for horror to happen. The suspense is in knowing there is suspence. It is meta-horror. Now we can spend the rest of the evening looking over our shoulders in case Katie is standing behind us, watching us. Great idea.

The Outfit
Top: Ishka, back when the shirring was tight
Skirt: A fancy little shop in Kuta, Bali
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Fresh Cut Grass'
Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

Getting the link on today with:

Kelly from Messy Dirty Hair | Lindsey from Peace Love Sequins


  1. I love that shirt! It's so hippy like. Adorable! Thank you for linking up with us!! TGIF!! Xoxo

  2. So wish you had of kept the socks. If I didn't know you and seen you in them I would have been so impressed and jealous of your bravery. Those socks say, "I am part of the fashion world", a la :

    1. I wish I had too. I am practising bravery and I will be much better at it once the weather cools down (I think). Need to pop into a specialty sock shop and get a pair for every pair of shoes so I have no option.


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