Day 34: All in Blue

Well? Elementary? What did you think? I even got B—— to watch, but I think it was more for a trip down the Aidan Quinn memory lane for her. I had trouble finding him as enigmatic as Cumberbatch. I shouldn't compare. But I do. And they did a double skirt-around on the sex thing. Or even a once round this way, once round that. He just has sex to get rid of the physical blockage it creates if he doesn't; followed by Watson's psychoanalysis of that sentence into it being the cause of his break with London. Also arguably the second best city in the world. I am not convinced, and it leaves the way open for tension later. As an experiment I will keep watching, just so that, twenty or thirty or so episodes down the track, I can say: See, I told you.

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Speaking of literary analysis of popular cultural texts, I finished book two of the year today. The Silver Chair by CS Lewis. (Ninety-eight to go, still seven books behind at the current rate—eek.) I probably haven't given it an abundance of thought, but it doesn't seem to me to be overly Christian as the whole series is said to be. I don't feel preached to. And I can usually tell if I am—in much the same way that I can tell I am being lured into buying things by advertising. Trusting, for a moment, the quick analytical scan of relevant peer-reviewed (by this I mean that people I know could Google it too) papers on the internet, including the highly reputable Wikipedia, Christian allegory or themes were not deliberate inclusions by the author. He just happened to convert as he was writing the books. In one of his last letters, apparently, he stated that this book could be seen to be Christian in that it continues the fight against the powers of Darkness. On that basis we can make every cowboy story, every war story, every crime story, every temptation story—something like Sandra Bullock's 28 Days for example—a Christian allegory. What I enjoyed most about studying literature and literary theory at Uni was that almost anything, within reason, can be seen to make a particular ideological point if you twist it hard enough to do so. I wish I could apply for my PhD by blog post. I think I would feel so much more at ease about it. Could one of you write it for me? Maximum a thousand words, use reference material and just tie a couple of unlikely texts together on an even more unlikely theory. I'll work it all out and it will change a million times before the thing is actually finished, but I just need to apply first. Something along the lines of: The Social Implications of Early Childhood Loss of a Father Figure in Dexter, Fight Club and Great Expectations; or; A Psychoanalytical Analysis of SadoMasochism in American Horrow Story, Sex and the City and Justine.

The Outfit
Dreskress: Op-shopped (Explanation: It started as a dress, I took the top off of it to make a skirt, and then discovered that the skirt made a good dress—or skress as Melanie would say. So now there is a word for a dress that became a skirt that you can wear as a dress!)
Jacket: op-shopped
Necklace: Gifted by my Mum-of-a-Significant-Other-in-Law
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Daidy Dayz'

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  1. Hey, haha, your writing is so funny and amusing! I love. I am also doing a reading challenge, but with no timelines. 100 Books To Read Before You Die {BBC version}. Anyways, found you via Jenny's Sunday Style.

    Newest follower!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

    1. Thanks so much for following! I was reading your post about being scared. I do understand. I work in the police industry and unfortunately have more access to what is happening around than I want. But for the vast majority of the time people involved are known to each other, even if they don't always want to admit it. Random crime, it seems is rarer. All you can do is be sensible, but don't let them make you afraid!

  2. I thought elementary was ok, I was surprised. As for yor outfit - smashing!

  3. Now what a great Photograph! Enjoy The Last Battle.

  4. elementary is like the mentalist on caffiene. much prefer patrick jane and lisbon.

    another great outfit

    missed a culinary titbit to get my mouth watering.

    do it charlii do you phD - the application is the hardest part. sounds awesome - still a huge dexter fan.

    til the morrow
    with love always

  5. Re: Elementary

    - definitely not as good as the British version

    - I'm annoyed by his recovery from drug addiction ("I don't need them anymore"), suspect this will hold due to standard American Puritanism requiring the character to be cleaned up (apparently random sado-masachistic sex is not as bad as drug addiction, 50-shades-of-Grey effect?). They at least allowed House to have his drug addiction for awhile and his character was supposedly based on Sherlock Holmes.

    - I'm hoping his brother turns up soon, rather than being left out altogether (including references to his father concern me that they may have done a swap)

    - I don't think there will be a sexual tension thing between him and Watson. That is, unless the series takes off, lasts a few years and they stick it in the last, should have already called it quits, series just to keep people watching.

    - in spite of the above, it's still worth watching.

  6. lovely outfit...absolutely lovely!

  7. Thanks to you all for visiting and commenting! Really appreciate it. Isabella, I think that's a good point re the rehab. And interesting about House being based on him. That makes sense. I had the same thoughts with all the talk about dad - where is Mycroft? Dee. write it for me, go on. It's easier if you are not personally invested isn't it? And Dee: semi-sundried tomato chicken on pasta with peas and zucchini. :)

  8. A simple outfit beautifully done. I am enjoying Elementary. I would probably watch Lucy Liu in about anything (Kill Bill for instance). I find Jonny Lee Miller pretty effective as the Holmes character.

    1. Kill Bill! It's the best. Looking forward to seeing Django Unchained. Have you seen that one yet? Thanks so much for visiting!


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