Day 39: All In Wintery Red; Thirty Degrees (Centigrade!)

Spent the day on fair Fairhaven. Or a few hours at least. I love the drive. A good hour and a bit where knitting is the only thing I can do, along with some scenery gazing—especially at the amazing vistas on the Geelong Bypass and Anglesea Road—while my expert driver delivers me safetly from one point to the other. We consulted the surf report and Pt Roadknight seemed better on stats, but on sight we opted for trusty Fairhaven. I really wouldn't recommend Fairhaven to others though. There are always too many places to park and access the beach, and never, ever, enough people hanging around in your immediate space. And there is no lifeguard contingent, no red and yellow flags to swim between. That second part is actually a possible deterrent if you are precious about your life in any sort of sensible safety way. It does make me a tad nervous to know we are on our own if we choose a bad spot to swim—currents, rips, sharks and so forth. I had a horrible daymare yesterday (nightmares you have when you are still conscious) about having the flesh of my arm torn wholly from the bone by a shark. The thing that worried me the most was whether I would be able to finish LeJog, my hike from Land's End to John O'Groats. No worries about working or feeding myself, or daily cleanliness routines, just about whether I can walk another four hundred odd k's with a backpack and only one arm. Luckily there were no sharks and its looking like I'll have the two arms for the immediately foreseeable future.

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Verbal Snapshot of the Day:

Early morning phone call, Vietnam holiday is all booked in and confirmed despite the stubborn ears of our travel agent—they refuse to listen; boiled eggs for breakfast—you know, protein; cystal clear ocean waters; new fabulous and sunnt Sirens Swimwear bathers (the other ones); V—— loses his sunnies in the surf; building sand castles; bitten by sandfly; riding dumpy waves; getting changed in plain sight like real surfers; sublime malty lime milkshakes at the new 60's Diner in Airey's Inlet; just missing closing time at the Anglesea Op-Shop—damn!!!; beers and pub-grub at the Anglesea Hotel; near death highway experiences from drifting drivers; getting home just in time for great light for the photoshoot; encore showing of Elementary.

The Outfit
Dress/Jumper: Op-shopped (The all-in series has made me realise that there are some colours that I am serious short of—summery red is one of them!)
Coat: Op-shopped
Knees: Red, courtesy of three-hundred odd wave dumpings on my boogie board
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Nolita Honey'

Who wore it better?


  1. you just described my perfect day!


    1. We were honouring your love of the wave and beach while we were there - were your ears burning?

  2. Great outfit, but suggest you see someone about your fear of the beach.

  3. Surfing is pure 'Living in the now'. Experiential Bliss. Really hanging out for a Magic Seaweed 5 Star Day and we are there.


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