Day 62: Change is Inevitable—Damn!

The sun went down before the shoot today due to a gloom attack I was having. I can't talk about it so I'll just put down some of the words involved: sleep, time, pointlessness, fat. But the lack of sun highlighted the dilemma that will be coming up with winter. I have been, during night-time walking, taking note of possible places that may work despite the dark. There are a few, but when we tried to use one location tonight it was not enjoyable. I tried to write it out but horrible words kept coming from the keystrokes I used. I think I can't talk about that either, in a civilised fashion, and so here are a few more words: HMAS Lonsdale, fascists, dislike, humanity. I shouldn't talk anymore.

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This is my other talking spot. I probably shouldn't talk here either. I just don't want to say anything I regret. This is the internet. I can never really be sure, even if I change it later, that things disappear for ever. Best not to put them there in the first place. I will put down these two things though, because maybe making them eternal will help to make them real. One. I need to get rid of sugar in my diet. But it will kill me because it seems like it is often the only thing that makes me happy. I know it is an addiction. And that what we are addicted to make us irrational so that we think things like what I just said. But it is going to be a whole lot of nasty before it isn't. I wouldn't be around me. I have warned you. Two. I am giving up trying to go to bed at normal bed time and getting up at normal get-up time. I am anxious when I can't sleep at night and annoyed when I sleep all day. The issue will be the two days I start work at six forty-five a.m. every eight days. They're the suckers that destroy me. I don't know a solution. Except for permanent night shift? For tomorrow (the day before my first morning shift) I am getting got-up at eleven for breakfast so I will go to bed about eight and then I should be sufficiently tired by evening to sleep. One bad day in eight surely has to be better than what is happening now. I would probably avoid me that day too. Warned again.

The Outfit
T-shirt: Op-shopped
Jeans: Primark
Scarf: Op-shopped
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Love Bug'
Photographer de Jour: B——

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  1. Shift work is a bugger for all of the above.

    Love that sketchy pickie. Feel's wintery already.

    Hang in there!

    Mushy stuff ------DxxX (extra big kiss in my sign off today.


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