Day 60: Buzzing Off, Bee Back Soon

Well. That certainly got the 'bee' jokes going. I 'wore' my outfit again today with the exception of the shoes. My high arches are a bugbear when it comes to breaking in a new pair of Docs—it'll be a while before I can wear those for an extended period of time without losing feeling in the front half of my foot. So I wore the pink doc shoes instead. Can you believe—I find it hard—that someone took this dress to the op-shop totally unworn, labels still on. What were they thinking? Did they not even take it out for a test-run to see what it could do, where it could go? I am guessing it was a gift and the recipient didn't want to look like a bee. People at work thought I was the mascot for the flu-shot. We have advertising all around work at the moment for the flu vaccine, trying to dispel some of the myths—like the one I always use about the flu vaccine giving you the flu. Apparently it doesn't. If you want to believe the propaganda that is. For some reason they decided a bee was the best person to convince us that an injection was a good idea. Um. The last time I got stung (or injected) by a bee I nearly died. Well, not literally. It felt like I was going to die and my foot got three times bigger than it should. I am advertising sensitive (read: sucker), but this one is not going to convince me.

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If you try to get me out of bed in the morning you need to have a very good incentive. International flights will work. Domestic flights are good too. And food will get me up about five minutes before I really, really have to be up. But to already be up, and to ride your bike home from work at six -thirty a.m. after our last night shift, on a weekend morning, with the sun just poking itself up over the horizon and the air autumnally crisp is one of the loveliest things in the world to do. I de-docked my blue bike, loaded the pannier and slipped on my helmet. At that point I realised my ridiculously large earrings are actually made of metal. My helmet does up with a magnet. The left hand earring made a rapid swing and stuck fast to the chin strap. It meant my head was unable to move until I got back off the bike at the other end. Makes for awkward safety checks where you feel a millimeter more will pull the earring right out of the lobe. Fashion is hard, hard work.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Singlet: Target
Cardigan: Op-shopped Top Shop
Leggings: Target
Earrings: Cheap and cheerful jewellery store somewhere
Shoes: Dr Martens
Photographer de Jour: B——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Probably my favourite Photograph thus far.
    What a beautiful Lady! Bias has nothing to do with this comment, only putting the facts out there.


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