Day 67: Fly-Away-Day

Damn! Because I am going away tonight, I am going to miss twenty-eight more days over thirty degrees (eighty-six for the fahrenheiters). And, damn again, I'll miss the incessant hum of four days of Grand Prix practice and racing. Along with the flyovers and the parking hassles—lucky I don't have a car, and lucky I won't be here. More disappointingly though is Elementary. Can you all make notes please, and let me know what is happening, what Holmesian myths they utterly destroy, and the numerous ways they diminish Watson's character because she is a woman. I might miss work. But the time that it takes to do that missing will be so small a fraction of time that I will probably miss it. I will miss the lack of greeting and the general disregard from the strangest dog in the world. No, I will actually miss that. I am not being sarcastic anymore. I'll miss home and friends but I know I will come back to them. And lastly I will be missing the usual format of this blog. I am not sure what form it will take for the next couple of weeks. Perhaps it will morph into a travel blog (yay, more pics of not-me). Bear with me, don't abandon me please. Everything will be back to normal soon. Who want's a postcard? (

Irene               List_Addict

Packing list (so I can check it twice!):
Shoes: Tevas, sandals, thongs (flip-flops)
Clothes: black shorts, denim shorts, linen pants, brown linen skirt, black linen dress, grey dress, white wing dress, black sun dress, red asymmetrical t-shirt, green and blue patterned t-shirt, Union Jack singlet, yellow singlet, chambray shirt, white mini pin tuck shirt, black cardigan, green cardigan, yellow gingham bathers, white and black over-bathers shirt, white and pink sarong
Underneath: thermal top and thermal leggings (in case), two singlet tops, five pairs of undies, two bras, one pair of socks, long blue pj top
Accessories: sunglasses, hat, hair clips, hair bands, credit cards
Electronics: iPad and charger, camera and charger, mobile phone and charger, iPad keyboard charger, tripod, convertor
Paper: Lonely Planet, real book for emergency no electricity moments, documents, passport, notebook, pencils
Bits: tweezers, nail clippers, Wesley, fold-up backpack
Toiletries: shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, sponge, razor, perfume, moisturiser, suntan lotion, bug-spray, nail polish, papaya cream, band-aids, headache pills
That should do me.

The Outfit
Shirt: Op-shopped
Dress: Hand made
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Photographer de Jour: B--

Who wore it better?


  1. What a lovely photo of the Lo Po! She is actually smiling. Have a fantastic holiday, see you soon.


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