Day 80: Lamenting the Weakness of the Body

That migraine got the better of me well and truly. It is to blame for not posting yesterday's blog. It took out my whole evening. Straight to bed as soon as I was able to crawl home from that massive entree feast. Luckily, despite threatening, it didn't make me ride any porcelain. It took away one of my limitless breakfast opportunities, and they had macaroons this morning, as well as waffles. Yes, for breakfast. It even beat me into making a dream in which I called in sick come true. I called in sick to my tour to the Mekong. I'm not proud, but I would have been less proud hanging out the window of the bus depositing my meager mouthfuls of toast onto the surrounding countryside. Today was our last day in Vietnam. I will just have to come back and see the Mekong another time. to use a litote, I could honestly say I wouldn't be adverse to seeing Vietnam again.

Spent the first half of the day trying to sleep the headache away, and the second shopping. I managed to overcome the reluctance to shop and even got a few nice things. Some are surprises for a birthday girl who's day is approaching, others will hopefully be seen here at some time. We had drinks at the famous garden top bar at the Rex hotel, and are currently enjoying pre-dinner drinks at our own hotel's roof top bar with a lovely twentieth story view and breeze. Tomorrow a whirlwind trip into KL, and then home. I can't believe how fast it has gone. What, V—— asked, are you looking forward to when you get home? Beside B—— and Lollii of course. His answer was weetbix and milk. Mine? Hopefully slightly less sweaty weather, a renewed exploration of outrageous fashion, and my doona.

Irene's Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped

Belt: Came with a pair of jeans from Primark, beginning to think it is one of Irene's favourite accessories

List_Addict's Outfit and Distractions
Dress: Op-shopped
Top: Op-shopped
Shoes: Teva
Photos (from left): View from the Rex's roof top bar; Me at the Rex; Saigon and Saigon River from the twentieth floor of the Grand Hotel.

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?


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