Day 83: Back to the Front of the Wardrobe

So exciting to be back in front of my closet. Also a little daunting. What will I wear? While I complained about my holiday outfits, there is something comforting about a limited choice. I chose this odd skirt with it's weird panels and puffs (not really complimentary but quite dramatic in it's non-conformist shape). I figured it needed a pattern clash but turns out I have very few patterened items (please remind me of that when I go op-shopping again—there is no way I will be emulating the Anna Sui look this season without some crazy pattern in my arsenal). So I went subtle, stylish clash with a grey-on-grey pattern. So fun to be dressing up again and having silly shoots. I am treating you to a kind of 'without make-up!!!' shock-photo like they do in the classiest of mags, and showing you what I look like when I am actually walking to the shoot location. You don't think I actually walk places in those heels do you? I may have hammed it up a little. Just a tad. (See right in photo number two if you are trying to work out which the 'hammed-up' one is.)

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Flying for me is a movie marathon. It is the most important part. It took me three flights to finally get through 27 Dresses. They kept interupting me by landing the plane, but I finally managed to get there on yesterday's trip. How fun to have that wardrobe full of the most insane dresses in the world. Do you think brides really dress their maids in outfits that make them look ridiculous to lessen the competition to themselves? I also caught up on a couple of other movies that I haven't had a chance until now to see—Rio (loved the bird) and The Reader. Oh my goodness. How good is The Reader? What a series of conflicting emotions it raises—pity for those you should hate, disappointment, empathy, sob-inducing sorrow. I got a few odd looks as my eyes were heavily leaking and I am not sure how much sobbing was verbalised with the deafening influence of the headphones skewing my perception of loudness. And of course, I watched the Diana Vreeland movie to its conclusion. I did start back at the beginning. I grinned through the entire thing. I am going to have to get it on dvd. She makes me happy. What a wonderful woman. I don't often get this adoring feeling for people. It is freaking me out a little. Love, love, love. Stopping there before things get strange.

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Socks: Myers
Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Whoopi'
Photographer de Jour: B——

Who wore it better?
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  1. These are my favourite photos of you.

    1. B has started following this sock-look trend that I started. The one on the bottom right that is. I think it is fashion forwardness you are seeing :)))))


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