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Day 78: My Favourite City So Far

I am liking Saigon. It feels good. It has the thirties about it still. A real French feeling. And while that is possibly not the best thing for the locals, given the history (I wouldn't like to be reminded of violent and long lasting colonial rule), it does make it romantic for the visitor. It is like something out of a classic novel. The Quiet American, for example. We flew in this afternoon and have really not even scratched the surface. But google the Grand Hotel. Look for images. There are lots of shots of the front which has a rounded corner entrance and is about four floors high. We arrived with two other Australians who had been on our transfer. The check in staff made a pointed emphasis on the fact that we had booked an old wing (it is more correectly termed the Ancient Wing) rather than new wing room. I started to get nervous. And it appears the ancient wing isn't a popular choice. The guy at reception then seemed to feel even worse for us and our choice and 'gave us a better room'. Up the back of the hotel where we were directed, or what is actually just behind the doors you see in that picture is an elevator that looks like it came straight off the Titanic. It follows a spiral staircase up to the third floor. Outside the elevator are the double doors to our room. Look closely at that picture you googled now. See the third floor. There are three little balconies around the curve of the corner. That is our room. Um, actually, to me it seems like the best room in the place. It has a slight smell like there have been years of smokers in there, but you just open the three balcony doors and have the warm Saigonese breeze blowing the curtains, and the tinkle of traffic bells and hoots flow through and fill it with romance and nostalgia and you soon forget that. Loving it!

It is interesting viewing from the window of the ground floor cafe though. There are a number of young girls in short skirts and high heels who are taking a particular intrest in any single, sleeezy males walking past and trying to coax them inside. It has worked a couple of times. Poor things. You'd love to be able to give them money and save then having to do it. Or at least give them some male flesh that doesn't appear so oily and ugly. One guy was awfully quick. Mmmm. Cheapskate, or just not adept?

Irene's Outfit
Dress: Gifted from B——, op-shopped from her fabulous store; cheeky Irene has pinched this off me, it is part of the reason I have to get the 25-f(or)-25 happening. Although I did realise that I had added wrong and it is probably ten more than I really, really need to lose. Oh well, I will have room to move.

List_Addict's Outfit and Distractions
Bathrobe: Room 303A, Grand Hotel, Saigon
Photos (clockwise from left): Me in our marble bathroom; fruit platter; cutlery and menu at the Temple Club where we dined this evening (my language is changing to meet the ambience of the city—shame my clothiing isn't; the phone in our room—and it works!

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?


  1. I love how you described the warm Saigon breeze blowing the curtains. What an odd vibe to have that lingering sense of French history colliding with the more recent past of conflict. But life goes on. I think I'd like the ancient wing too.

  2. Replies
    1. Love you and miss you - thanks for reading xxx


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