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Day 315: The Happiest Place on Earth

Happiest place on earth times two. We did ten and a bit hours of solid theme parking. Disneyland, California Adventure Park. My feet were killing me, I lost a knee about half way through. It's hard work. It took us quite a while to work out the most economical way to play the Fastpass game. But we were still unable to get onto every ride.

Best Breakfast: Hard category to vote on for a single day given most days involve only one breakfast, but we tried IHOP—International House of Pancakes. I was nervous because I thought it would be a pancake version of Taco Bell. It was quite nice. Portions in-sane, but nice as long as you don't feel too guilty leaving half your food. And I am loving being back in the land of the bottomless filter coffee. Sacrilege from a Melburnian who should have, by that very status, a higher standard of caffeine, but there is a swing back to a former life somewhere in those pots of coffee continually circling a room.

Best Outfit Being Worn: I love that so many people dress up for Disneyland, whether it be in costume or in the Disneyland franchised items. But the winner for the day for me would have to go to the woman who wore, even in that warm Californian sunshine, a full burgundy, with black Mickeys all over, velour track suit.

Best Item of Clothing Sighted in a Shop: I really liked, and even considered purchasing, a top that had seagulls on it. I think seagulls are silly. These ones looked silly. And they were screaming out 'mine, mine, mine, mine, mine' like seagulls do. I found it amusing for some reason, but I felt odd having lots of 'mine's all over my top. It seemed a little vain. It remained on the rack.

List_Addict               Irene

Best Ride: Ooh! Difficult. There are four contenders: Splash Mountain, Screamin' Roller Coaster, Grizzly River Run, Hollywood Tower Hotel Tower of Terror. Comparing water-rides, the River Run probably pips out Splash Mountain because it makes me laugh the whole way around and results in a definite soaking which really is the mark of a good water-ride, isn't it? The Tower of Terror and the roller coaster sit together in the 'scare you' category. It's a fine line, but the decider may be twofold: the roller coaster lasts longer, and there was an unfortunate incident in one of the 'lifts' in the tower where someone, well, barfed their lunch, quote 'all over!', and I swear you could smell it from the queue. Semi-final then is between the Grizzly's and the roller coaster. Could I go the former during the day, and the latter in the evening? Otherwise don't expect a decision from me.

Best Park: Now you are just asking a ridiculous question. Disneyland is history, California Adventure is novelty. Just because they are both parks doesn't mean you can actually compare them. The only way to elicit an answer is to ask: if you could only do one, which would it be? For me it would be California Adventure. But only because I am spoiled enough to have visited Disneyland three times now, as well as Disney World and Euro Disney once each, so novelty wins. I know, I am a hedonist.

Evenings find us falling asleep around seven minutes after we come in. It's the jet lag. We're staying at the Sheraton Park in Anaheim. In case you're watching Sheraton, it's lovely, great room. Love the batwing chair. Only complaint was the broken room safe, but you accommodated us at reception with a safe deposit box, so, all in all, I am quite happy I booked you. (Non-sponsored opinion)

Clockwise from left: Ferris Wheel at Paradise Pier, California Adventure Park; At the gateway to Tomorrow Land; breakfast at IHOP

The Outfit
Irene: Bikini from Thailand
Top: Op-shopped
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Teva

Photographer de Jour: V——

Who wore it better?

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  1. I'm glad you got in the Tower of Terror. In my last comment I mistakenly called it the Drop of Doom. We have one a bit like it here that is called that. Too bad about the barf though. That would ruin it for me too.

    Looks like the weather is lovely. You're doing great considering you had such a long flight. I'd be sleeping for a full day.

    Is Vegas next?


  2. Wow! Sounds like you're making the most of every minute of every day! Good job you've got places like IHOP for sustenance!!

    Irene looks to be enjoying some pleasant weather on her holiday, too.

  3. Ah, Finding Nemo...and all the seagulls screeching Mine, Mine, Mine. I've never been to California Adventure...must consider adding that to my *list* as well.


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