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Wear 366: 16 Shoes, 117 Things to Throw Out

I found this pin on my trawl through Pintrest. It links to this site that breaks down, an item a day, things you can recycle, donate, give away, or just send to landfill if there is no other option, that will help you to declutter your library life. Seeing as my current technique (reading books on the couch and imagining the mess will go away by itself) seems to not yield the results I would like, I am giving this a try. Here is how I am going.

  • The Other Side of Lost Earrings
    • I have so little jewellery that this wasn't difficult. It also didn't lessen my 'Stuff Index (SI)' one little bit. SI = -4.
  • Scraps of Wrapping Paper
    • Surprisingly I found I had already done this. Instead I tidied the ribbons and found a drawer for them. Your interpretation? This doesn't mean 'Throw out all your wrapping paper' does it? Enough comments to the negative on that and I may revisit this option because it does look a little like one of those pop-up Christmas wrapping stalls in there! SI = -4.5

  • Cards People Have Given You With No Sentimental Value
    • The modifiers in these instructions are going to cause me the largest issues. What constitutes 'sentimental value'? At my advancing age, it could mean anything that evokes a memory—I never know when those will not come from the inside any more. Best friends, ex-boyfriends, people you knew when you were twelve. Where is the line? But let's face it! How often do we look at these things? I'm most likely to just keep the ones from my nearest and dearest (at least for a little while) because they are the ones most likely to wonder, and be hurt, if I threw them out. That said: Thanks to everyone who ever sent me anything. If I no longer look at it, it nevertheless doesn't diminish the appreciation I felt when I received it. I have the memory. Somewhere. [Aside: The only card I ended up keeping, interestingly, was the one the vet sent me when my gorgeous Bodhi passed away. It made me cry. If something evokes such a strong emotion so long after it first did, maybe it earns its right to stay.] SI = -8.5

  • Receipts you don't need
    • This is a work in process. Have I ever told you about my 'mail opening' fear. Or my 'anything related to tax' aversion. As a result there are a lot of receipt, bill and invoice type things in there that give me hives when I touch them. I am applying suitable creams and doing as much as I can. SI = -8.67
  • Ticket Stubs
    • In the age where that weird black and white, pixelated square on your mobile (or Mr Earwig's—'coz who wants to carry all that stuff like bags and wallets and electronic devices around unless there is a chance reading will happen) gains you access to most ticketable functions, this is not an issue. In the last few years where actual trees were required to see movies, shows, bands or small farm animals and ferris wheels, I have been pretty good at keeping a memory and sending the tree onto recycled toilet paper makers. The issue is Europe. And America, 1988. These two roadblocks to a functional library are only minorly to do with ticket stubs—and majorly to do with photos (many, many, many photos), pamphlets, maps and doova-hickies. Suggestions? How does one condense the huge pile of memorabilia from the big travel events that made one footloose and a slave to working to pay for holidays for the rest of ones life without resorting to scrapbooking. I don't think I can even find the ticket stubs amongst it all. SI = -8.67

  • Socks (and Tights) with holes
    • Done. Easy. A couple of borderline pairs of tights will have 'a couple more wears'. A couple of pairs of socks are now same style, different colours. The problem with this easy challenge is twofold: my drawer may look tidy, the library looks the same; I need to find somewhere to buy more fabulous tights. Suggestions? SI = -10.67
Ps: The Stuff Index (SI) is an arbitrary number with an undefinable end point which just evokes an idea of a proportional lessening of stuff in my immediate environment. That is, it doesn't really mean anything.

I'm getting better at buying and wearing shoes that are thrifted/op-shopped. There are some great things out there. This pair is one. Sportsgirl, leather, hardly worn and violently mauve. Love them! Pair number sixteen.

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped
Jacket: Op-shopped, Country Road (mm, fancy)
Jeans: Target
Jewels and Baubles (and the dastardly fitbit I always forget to take off): Gifted, bought and Fitbit
Shoes: Op Shopped, Sportsgirl

Photographer de Jour: V——

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  1. The Stuff Index -- LOVE IT!
    I will check out your link for the decluttering. I need all the help I can get. I have to keep gamifying it.

    1. I finally read the whole list. It has a lot of repetition. Maybe because one needs to be told the task several times to finally get rid of the items? I think perhaps it was quickly written and not edited well. Maybe I'll improve it before starting. Then I can continue to procrastinate! Bahahahaha.

  2. So helpful! Why do we have scraps of wrapping paper?? I think my depression-era Grandma taught me that one. Thanks for sharing, xo


  3. When I was first married my new husband made me get rid of memorabilia I had collected over years of travelling on my own in Europe. I regret that I got rid of all of that to this day, and that was 25 years ago. I have no real clear memories of that time and so miss my diaries, photos, journals, letters and cards of my travels and thoughts. I was a different person then, but I long to know her again now.

    I have several elastic hairbands that are failing on me now. I remember in the "old days" an elastic hairband would last years. Now they last a month if I'm lucky.


  4. The color of those shoes are so perfect for spring. Love those orange toes too! :)


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  6. There is an old saying, 'If in doubt, chuck it out."
    But it is easier said than done. Where is the fine line between sentimentality versus hoarding?


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