Day 101: The First Day of the Rest of This Blog

I made scrambled eggs this morning with a tad of fresh parmesan and fresh basil. Free range, straight from the farmer (via the green grocer's)—well a couple of weeks ago at any rate. Should have been yummy, but I just couldn't stomach them. Lolli had the lion's share. Then this evening (it's the day after night shift, when I say morning I mean breakfast and afternoon, so evening is dinner and not so long after morning) I tried to have my left-over bolognese. Made from scratch, nothing processed except the tomato paste, even boiled and peeled and chopped my own tomatoes for the sauce, served with cauliflower and scallions rather than spaghetti. Couldn't do it. I tried very hard, but Lolli got maybe the hyena's share. Irrationally starving I turned to the only other thing in the fridge. The tin of Quality Streets chocolates. I was like crows on carrion. Needless to say, it has not really sorted out the problem and has just induced the guilts. Think my tummy is a little overwhelmed by something. A little more overwhelmed now.

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As a result, I think I might lie on the couch and catch up on The Following. The first two episodes were on while I was working and so I am lagging behind following The Following. Did anybody watch it? It came on one evening when I was in the tea-room and about thirty people jumped up and said 'Turn this off, I'm taping it!' So maybe we are all in the same boat. Reviews Critiques to follow ... another day ... by critique I mean literary not negative ... necessarily. Stop!

The Outfit
Dress: Op-shopped, it isn't the most comfy fit or the most stylish style but with two hundred and sixty-five outfits to go I thought I would wear it this way, adjust it, and then wear it however that adjustment finds it—two-fer!
Jacket: Op-shopped
Gumboots: Borrowed

Photographer de Jour: B——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Lost Hickers have survived on Chocolate in the freezing elements. It's not a bad thing every now and again. Love the colour of the Jacket. A Man could wear a Shirt in that same colour any day now.

  2. Love the pattern of the dress!!! And I'm a big fan of "The Following", wish it was often than once a week!!!


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