Day 106: Love, On a Sad Day

What is it about some items of clothing that makes us love them? It's love as irrational as the love we feel for some people. Others may not always understand it. I think there are many reasons, as many as there are loved pieces. This jumper for example. I bought it at an op/thrift shop. I have never worn it. But despite a few attempts, I am unable to send it back to the great recycled clothing mechanism. There is something about it that I love. And there is something about this blog that I love for forcing me to wear it at last. My love is for its puppy softness, for its neapolitan-ice-cream-with-a-difference colouring, and of course for its hood. Love a good hood. And the reason my linen skirt is so fabulously wrinkly is because the power point of the iron caught fire. And as a precaution we stopped using it. Sensible. Yeah, sensible.

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Everyday horrible things happen, and everyday we are confronted by the evil things people do. On this sadder than usual day though, my heart to those who are suffering because of Boston's terrible incident. I don't understand. I am sure many of us don't. It is small consolation that it was not as bad as intended. I have no words for this sorrow. I am sorry.

The Outfit
Jumper: Op-shopped
Skirt: Op-shopped
Shoes: Department store in Phuket, Thailand

Photographer de Jour: B——

Who wore it better?

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  1. Lovely jumper, love the colour combination :)

    Sita xx

  2. Great Jumper! They actually do make a neapolitan-ice-cream-with-a-that colouring. My boys love it and would be chuffed that you are wearing their ice cream.

    Life is random. As heartbreaking it is, no matter what we do, someone will get through and spread their sadness.Let's not over-react, destroy our liberty or those bastards will win.

    Mushy stuff. Dxx

    1. Really? What flavours are they? And I agree. Love you xxx

  3. Love conquers all. Terrorism is the domain of Cowards.

  4. It is impossible to find reason in a violent senseless act. It is truly sad.

    I do love this outfit on you and I don't think you should give that sweater up anyhow. It suits you perfectly.


  5. Hi Charlie!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leading me to your witty writing & great "who wore it better" posts. I, too, am grappling the senseless & horrific Boston tragedy until now & praying for the victims & their fams. About that sweater, I like the fun & sweet suits you anytime of the day! See you around!


  6. So cute dog !
    jewelry giveaway on my blog ( my women's accessories store)

    1. Thanks so much. She looks particularly silly in that photo but she is the best little nutty girl in the world (biased).

  7. Acts of violence like this truly hurt my heart & I am so sad that this happens as often as it does :( On another note - what a fun striped sweater. Those colors are perfect for spring :) Visiting you via the Real Girl Glam linkup! :)
    Nikki at


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