Day 108: Open Letter

Sometimes we let multi-tasking opportunities pass us by because of silly things like professionalism and libel. I spent the whole night of breaks (half hour break after every one and a half hours bum-up-head-down) writing vitriolic prose to the builders next door after a bit of a tussle happened here yesterday. What I wanted to do was write the email on here as a blog post, and then just include a link in the email to the builder. But those little things stopped me; the professionalism, the libel.

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These are the things that interrupted my night-shift sleep yesterday during the day. Having to do my blog when I got home in the morning. A little light reading of Don Quixote. The postman's loud knock. The postman was delivering day two's parcel. I ordered four pairs of shoes the other day in a celebration of paying off my credit card, and for some reason the same postman is delivering them one pair at a time. Yesterday his little machine wasn't working. I stood at the door in my pj's with the builders just outside and waited while he poked at it with his pen, asked to borrow a pin, poked at it with the pin, and then finally asked if I was happy for him to sign on my behalf. I couldn't have cared less if he did. List continues. Hip-hop music from the builders next door. Yes, the stuff with the vile language. Loud. The builders yelling at each other because they can't hear each other over the music. Stress because the building supervisor sent me an email, after my reminder that he promised a week ago to fix something by tomorrow, saying it would take a couple more weeks. The something is collecting rubbish they threw down the side of our house. Not rocket science. Definitely not three weeks worth of rocket science. The sound of scaffolding being thrown from a seemingly great height onto a bed of wooden boards outside my bedroom window. And a fight at the front door with the site foreman because they decided to do what was asked of them (as a ruse, because they wanted to do something of their own) down the side of our house with, again, shock-horrow, no permission. Anyway, before yesterday becomes today, goodnight.

The Outfit
Top: Op-shopped
Cardigan: Op-shopped
Leggings (are not pants): Retail
Boots: Irregular Choice 'Popper Pops'

Photographer de Jour: B——

Who wore it better?

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  1. I really really dislike selfish inconsiderate people. I have to confess that I do subscribe to a modified form of Communism. Once people have amassed lets say for example Ten Million Dollars in assets, then that is enough for them. Any more Money they manage to collect after this Wealth Cap is then sent to people who are really suffering and actually need it! Maybe this would stop people building obscenely decadent monstrosities.

  2. Perhaps it's time you become familiar with the term "strong arm tactics", which is not to say that I am in any way suggesting you should engage in sabotage, because obviously that would prolong the agony, at least until they realised their best course of action is to quickly and quietly finish the job and stop annoying you.


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